Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, Baby Cakes!

David's birthday isn't until the 29th but I took the opportunity to surprise him the instant I found out about him wanting to go paint balling one last time before we leave. I encouraged him to call some friends and from there got together a cake and supplies for the guys after their game.
Brent, Elton, Ronald, David, Nick, and Aaron.

Happy Birthday, Baby Cakes!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

We slept in this morning (some of us), cleaned house, took naps (some of us), and then headed off to Mom and Dad's house for some gingerbread and cookie decorating.
After that I pulled the kids aside and read to them a book called "A Candle In The Window" to help them get in the spirit of Christmas and not just the presents.
Just before our traditional "hamburgers on the grill" Ronald put in the movie, "To This End Was I Born." If something will stick with me for the rest of my life about tonight, it will be this movie and Levi. There is a scene in this movie of the soldiers putting the crown of thorns on Jesus' head. I was watching Levi at this moment because he is so tender hearted and I wasn't sure how he would take it. Sure enough, at this part he grabbed the top of his head. I continued to watch him as the soldiers, in the movie, whipped Jesus. Levi started crying and so I asked him quietly if he wanted to leave. He did and so he and I (and baby Layne) went into the kitchen to talk. He looked as if he was going to cry again at any moment as I asked him if something was wrong. He wouldn't answer me so I asked him if he was sad because of what had happened to Jesus. He immediately started crying. I hugged him and we had a talk about how much our Father in Heaven loves us and what He allowed Jesus to do. It was a sweet and tender reminder that I hope to never forget.
Lots of fun was had as Poppy handed out the presents......while April and Ronald put them back under the tree! Awwww traditions....what would we do without them?

I am truly so grateful that I have an Eternal Father who loves me so much that He let his son come to this Earth to eventually save me. I am so grateful that Father in Heaven loves me so much that He put me in a family with the background of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am grateful for family units and that He guided me to David to help raise these 3 boys of ours. I am grateful.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday, Levi!

Levi had his birthday party at Country Lanes here in Grove. With my coupons, we ate very cheap and bowled for free. Elton was the "coach" as he reminded the kids how to play.

With the help of this alligator thing (to guide the ball to the pins) and the lane bumpers, the youngest kids did the best. Hyrum even made a few strikes!

I loved Levi's reactions to his presents. He said often, "That's rockin' awesome!" My Levi loves to put things together and loves to read. His gifts seem to fit him perfectly this year!

April is so good to me to let me have as much Layne time as I want since we are moving soon. I just can't get enough of her....and my sister!

Happy birthday baby boy! Once again, another year passes and I can't believe you are still such a good boy. You continue to amaze me with your love for younger children and your kindness to others. And you are still in love with your mother! I am so blessed!!!

First Love

Hyrum is a lot like Levi when it comes to friends. He seems to have more "girl" friends than he does "boy" friends at this age. Now that Levi is older his friends are boys but it doesn't seem like it was too long ago that all we heard were about little girls at school. So, I'm sure Hyrum will grown out of this but I don't want to forget just how cute him and Natalie are. Natalie is his first friend that he has consistently talked about. It is Natalie this and Natalie that if he is ever talking about Head Start. I love coming into his class room each day to hear a new story from one of his teachers about something Natalie and Hyrum have done that day together. He is at that stage where they don't get that you can have more than one friend and so he is heartbroken when ever Natalie plays with someone else.
My favorite Natalie and Hyrum story involves the first picture. I came into the classroom to pick Hyrum up one day when Mrs. Julie tells me that she had the children draw pictures of their families. They do this quite often so I have seen my fair share of Hyrum's artwork of our family but this time is was very different. All he had drawn was a picture of just him and Natalie! Mrs. Julie told me that if they were 16 she would be worried!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Talent Show

Last night was our ward Christmas party and talent show. The boys wanted to be in it and I knew that there would be a lot of singing talent going on so I thought, why not make it funny!?!
Walgreens sold a microphone this year called a "Merry Okee." It takes your voice and makes it sound like an elf (or chipmunk). The kids wanted it the first time they saw it so I was sold that this would be their talent. However, Levi informed me that he had already signed up to, have you ever seen an Adams boy dance? Yeah, well......I think it is adorable but once again, my Levi has all the confidence in the world and thinks he is good at it. So, here are my little elves!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

They say it happens in threes

They say a lot of things happen in threes.
We are the third family moving out West out of our little ward in a months time.
David got a job with Big D again and we will be starting a new chapter in our lives in a few weeks.
Getting ready for our future...back to Utah!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Rose and I put together a going away party for the Wilson family and tonight was the night we tricked them all! Well, kind of......they started to figure out something was going on towards the end. Two weeks ago Tricia and I had a girls night out (with a few husbands) for Amanda the night before she left. Rose and I knew that we couldn't get away with doing the same thing and making it a surprise so we tricked her! Rose told Tricia that we weren't even going to try and surprise her and asked for a good day for a bunch of us girls to get together. So, we told everyone about the supposed "girls night out" and to just play along. Instead, we all showed up (whole families this time!) at the Wilson home for a big Family Home Evening! We had over 50 people show up tonight!
Rose did a wonderful job with putting together the FHE lesson on what seems to be dearest to the Wilson family's hearts; service and missionary work. I haven't seen so many people cry in one setting in my life.....well, maybe other than a funeral! Tonight was proof to the Wilson family just how loved and missed they will be.
This picture touches my heart more than anything. Last week, the boys had a play date over at the Wilson home. As I was taking them home that day, Brigham started crying about how he wanted to move back to Utah and how much he was going to miss the Wilsons. This lead to Levi crying and them telling me how much they miss Grandma Adams and how we could live next to the Wilsons if Daddy could find a job in Utah. It seriously broke my heart but I thought for sure it was because they had stayed up late the night before and were just emotional. But for the next few days they would not leave David alone about finding a job in Utah. So fast forward to tonight. Towards the end of our FHE, I look down at Brigham and he is just crying and crying and crying. He tried to hide it and I felt so bad for him....then I realized that Preston was crying just as hard. I'm not sure if I will ever be able to look at this picture and not be able to feel just a twinge bit of sadness.
I love my Anna so much......and so does Tricia! Tricia wasn't here for too long before Anna moved away but as you can see, they are very close. But that just tells you the effect that this family has on people.
Our high councilman came all the way from Arkansas to see the Wilson family off.

Just wanted to share something that Rose told me tonight.
Rose Bass has become a surragate Grandmother to the Wilson kids and a best friend to Tricia. If you see a Wilson, there is a good chance that Rose is with one of them. That is how close they all are to her. Tonight, one of the Wilsons gave Levi a stack of Christmas photo cards to hand out to everyone. I guess he kept passing Rose. She already had been given one before the party but wanted to tease Levi and said, "Hey, why aren't you giving me one?" He replied very honestly, "But, you are a Wilson..."
This is why I love the Wilson Family!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I am thankful for:
A husband and sister who knows me so well
Sons who love their Momma
Families that stick together
Grandparents that are so involved in my children's lives
Dad's back rubs
Nanny/Poppy nights
Mommy friends that are examples to me to be a more patient Mother
Old friends that remind me that it is ok to be silly
Thunderstorms, snow, and wind
Happy hour at Sonic
David's touch
Random cookies or anything homemade delivered
My children's love for Family Home Evening
Those cries that come from heartfelt testimonies
A clean house
The Beck women hackle
When pictures capture perfect moments

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Good bye, my friend....

Tricia and I put together a going away party for Amanda Bishop and tonight was the night to celebrate.....instead of crying since I had already done my fair share of that since knowing that both her AND Tricia were leaving. I love them so much and they both have been the stay at home mommies that I needed to help me put things into perspective as I struggled to be true to what Father in heaven wants of me. I know this, but it still surprised me how sad I was of their leaving. See, David and I have been married for 9 years and out of those 9 years we have moved.........9 times! I am not used to being the one left behind plus these girls were there for me at such a critical place in my life as I was getting things back in order. I will miss them so much. But as streams of tears run down my face, I truly am so happy for them and the future that is in store for them and their families.
There were 21 of us tonight to see Mrs. Amanda off. I hope she knows just how much our branch/ward loves her and how much she will be missed.
THIS is why I love my girls!
And since a few generations of women were here tonight, we got this group picture. Can I just brag on my sister, April for a minute. I was already holding Layne when we started with these pictures but instead of her holding her own baby, she knows how self conscience I am and did her typical April thing; thought of me before herself.
Can you tell that I feel extremely blessed tonight?

New Do, New You

I think I might be ready to start taking better care of myself. My poor body has went through so much in the last 5 years, physically and emotionally. Something that can seem so simple with chemical imbalances in one's brain chemistry is anything but that to someone who actually deals with it. Yet, life through this time has taught me so much. I feel past posts have shown that and I am grateful for that today. After working so hard to build my spiritual body back up I would like to continue to move forward. Who knows what tomorrow will bring but I hope to take a little more time for my physical body starting today.
Spring Houck is my hair gal and she is amazing. Look what she did!
So I went to the Lower Elementary after my hair cut and color (and yes, shockingly, I added makeup!) to bring something up to Brigham. I walked past Brynlee Wilson's class and quickly went in her room to give her a hug. She got the biggest smile on her face and said, "I love your hair! You look so good!" I walk on into Brigham's class and he just looks at me dumbfounded! It was hilarious! His face was priceless. He never said anything about my new look but it was more than apparent on his face. I picked up Hyrum from school and he said, "You got your hair cut?" I asked him what else looked different about me and he said, "Somefing on your eye!" Later he asked me if I had painted my hair......he is so cute!
But what was most important to me was to see the surprise on my husbands face. I didn't tell him I was doing this. My husband has went to hell and back for me trying to find me again (and I am not using that lightly) and lately he has been so busy with providing for us so we can get into a house that I really wanted him to know how much I appreciate his hard work and for never giving up on me. You know that look on your husband's face when all he see's is beauty? That happened today and I was grateful I could do that for him.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas Open House

Today was the first day of the annual Christmas Open House in Grove, OK. Grove has lots of cute little shops and every year they do an open house to boost business. Each shop has sales and treats. I was especially looking forward to it this year since 2 of my dearest friends are moving within a month of each other. They needed breaks from packing and I needed time with them before they leave me :(
This was at the first shop that we went to. Rose and I went in the back room to try their goodies. They had this slushy like drink that we wanted to try. She took a drink which led to a sour look on her face. I tried it and indeed it was sour. I really thought it tasted like apricots and so I asked one of the workers there what was in it. She proceeds to tell us that it has this and that and...... champagne in it! Rose and I just start busting up laughing! We giggled and giggled like it was the funniest thing ever and they probably thought we were the biggest weirdos but to 2 Mormons who never drink alcohol, it was pretty amusing!
This was taken in the last shop we went to. During one of our earlier visits to another shop, Amanda ran into a friend who asked Amanda if Tricia was her mother! I think Tricia might be 5 years older than Amanda so it was quite the insult! But it made for lots of "Granny" jokes for the rest of the day!
Rose's last name is Bass so we had lots of fun in this store!
Today was everything that I needed with these girls. Rose and I are really going to miss these girls......

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Meet Layne Allizabeth

Yesterday my newest niece was born in Tahleqhah, OK. Take one look at this picture and you know she was a whopper!
No wonder everyone stopping April on the street (while pregnant) kept asking her if she was having twins!
When I went in to see Layne Allizabeth she was smacking her lips and moving her tongue all around.....that girl was already thinking about food!
It was a long wait for our little ones and they had to get creative :)
Brigham was so cute last night. He was being so patient and good and when we went to leave he started crying because they wouldn't let him or his brothers in to see Layne (because he was too young and not a sibling to Layne). Sometimes softness shows through that very ALL BOY heart of Brigham's and it melts mine.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Championships Baby!

Levi has been playing soccer for the last few years through YMCA. I love playing through YMCA because up until this year, they really didn't keep track of scores and everyone sits together, cheering everyone on. This year scores were kept and I was surprised to find out last week that Levi's team was going to the championship game. It was kinda irritating that it was on Halloween night but since we had already been trick-or-treating on Saturday, I guess it was ok to skip out. Boy, am I glad that we did. They won and Levi couldn't have been more proud! Every year, every person who participates in soccer gets a trophy (and they are all the same) but Levi's team got a different set of trophies than any other team......1st PLACE!

Just a funny story.
Levi doesn't get most social situations. He can be pretty clueless at times when someone doesn't want to play with him or what to not say to know, the things that most of us get. So, I wasn't surprised at all when Amanda Bishop told me this story last week. It still makes me laugh!
She was taking Levi and Brigham home from school when she over hears Levi say, "I was the best player on my soccer team last year." Brigham replies with, "Hey! I was on your team last year!" Levi very honestly says, "I know."
Now you just have to know Levi. He doesn't have a cocky bone in his body. He just states facts. He is very confident. He often tells me how he is the smartest kid in his class. He just doesn't get that there are some things that you should keep to yourself. It cracks me up how clueless he is at times!
And just so you know, he was definitely not the best player on his team last year......though, I might just have to agree with him on him being one of the smartest in his class........

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Officially a Redneck!

Ok, this is going to be the grosses post ever so if you are squeamish, I would leave this page right now!
I warned you....
We have a friend who is not from around here who feels that he/she needs to experience everything Okie. Now, I will be the first to tell you that I have seen my fair share of odd things around here but I have yet to have met anyone growing up (or now as an an adult living in Oklahoma again) that has actually eaten opossum or squirrel or armadillo or whatever. As you can see, I am not naming any names because this individual wants to remain anonymous......and now that I think about it, maybe I do know people who have eaten these odd creatures but just doesn't want anyone to know. Can you blame them?
Ok, so we have animals getting in our garbage quite often and so when we found out about our friend's obsession, David offered to catch one for her/him. Luckily, this person is a hunter because there was no way we were dissecting this thing!
I have to admit that I found it a little odd looking at this thing on the grill knowing that a few days ago I had fed him some bread because David couldn't get to the critter in time (he has been very busy lately) and I didn't want him to starve to death.....
I won't be kissing this mouth for a while!
Now, the grossest part about this all is listening to this individual talk about the fleas he/she found on this nasty animal when field dressing it. I guess it was pretty stinky and covered in fat. If you are still reading this, are you puking yet? It gets better. As I am imagining this, I hear Brigham say, "Possum is good. I want more!"
And just so you know, apparently opossum tastes like Dove.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trick or Treat

The city of Grove had its residents celebrate Halloween tonight instead of Monday. I'm not sure why, but it makes my kids happy since they will celebrate the holiday on Monday also in Jay. This will be our first year getting to go and see family members on Halloween.....DOUBLE THE CANDY! Of course that's not counting all the corn maze, carnival, and parties that the boys participated in on Friday that brought home even more candy.
This year 40 of us met together at our house to have pizza before heading out to go trick-or-treating. Our family really has been blessed with great friends and neighbors to get to do stuff like this together every so often.

This was my favorite costume of the night. Brynlee was "White Trash." This toilet was in front of our neighbors house with dried ice smoke coming out of it. Brynlee very reluctantly posed for this picture. I asked her to lean on the toilet and she said, "GROSS!" Maybe she isn't cut out to be an Okie just yet :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Oh yeah,

Oh yeah....and we made Levi's first diorama. He was SUPER excited and would not leave me alone about making this. I kept telling him that I wanted to wait until fall break to do it with him. The night before fall break he asked me if he could wake me up early to start on it!
My favorite part of this is that he added a little Utah/Idaho to it!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall Break

Well, fall break certainly wasn't a "break" for Mom but it was for the kids and school. Honestly, it was fun for me to be so active with them this past Wednesday and on. I took more naps than I am used to (because Hyrum always wants to sleep with someone.....not that I'm complaining!) but other than that, we seemed to be going, going, going.
On Wednesday we went with the Bishops to "attack" Elder Tabau's front door. He has served for 2 years for our Lord and is going home, to the Gilbert Islands. We don't often get missionaries that leave our area to go home.....and a home so far away and so different from our part of the world. We themed it "Oklahoma vs. Gilbert Islands" and printed off pictures of things that are on his Islands and things that are somewhat similar to us here. My favorite was, "You have geckos and we have the Geico Gecko......but I'm pretty sure yours doesn't sell car insurance!"
Then we had to horrible experience of getting the kids their flu shots at the ECC. Every year the school here gives them free to the kids. Levi is 8 years old and he completely scared poor Amanda's younger kids. We had to have 2 people hold Levi down and honestly, we could have used another body!
After hearing the boys fight all day on Thursday, Mommy was very happy to go to a Relief Society event that night. It was our annual service auction. I left with 3 loaves of bread and a quilt for a........GIRL!!!!! Yes, I fought hard for the girl quilt even though Tricia and Amanda kept making it clear that I didn't have any girls. I will say it again, "HELLO! I'm a girl!"
Friday seemed to go a little bit better with the bickering as there was less Wii playing and more imagination being used around our house instead. That night we went to Grandma and Grandpa's for a weenie roast.
But before long, my boy's imagination had gone and I was hearing, "Mom! Levi's hot dog is touching mine!"
Earlier I had bought the boys some glow in the dark (small) swords. I was excited for them to use them in Grandma and Grandpa's large wasn't long before Levi ran into a tree though......
Saturday was a Cub Scout event on Monkey Island. Here we are in one of those pedal boats.
I think this may have been Hyrum's first time riding a horse. The guy next to Hyrum is a pastor at one of the local "Cowboy Churches" around here. It was so odd for me to listen (at one point where we all sat down) for this man in chaps to preach to us. I'm not used to hearing, "Can I get an 'Amen'?" but it was COOL! It really was. I was glad that I was able to expose Brigham and Hyrum to another way of worshiping God.
This man was so good with Hyrum. He followed him around throughout the day just to help him. It was really sweet.
These last few days have been nice but I have to admit I am excited for tomorrow just to have church and that's it!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Things are always crazy when school starts. There are so many activities to be at and involved in plus I have been "subbing" for the flower shop and the day care my sister works for (TLC). I feel my poor house has been neglected. What is bad, though, is when you start neglecting your family because your home doesn't feel like home anymore. So, I am trying to say no a little bit more and focusing on more important these sweet boys.
Tonight was a soccer game for Levi and Hyrum. I think it was the first game this season that I really enjoyed. I guess I just felt more relaxed tonight. Here is Brigham and Elton not paying any attention to the games but having fun while doing it!
You know how cats are and how they love getting into things...he is no different...well, actually he is. He has started this thing where he walks up to me and puts his wet nose on my legs......IT DRIVES ME NUTS! I told my mom, though, that I guess I deserved it for all those times that her dogs did that to me and how much I complained and got so irritated. I guess I deserve this dog-cat.
The school is always raising money, it seems. This was a new one. The teachers went to McDonald's one night and helped the staff there. Some of the proceeds from that night were donated to the schools. Here Mrs. Glasgow is waiting on Levi.
Just a bunch of randomness but I wanted to document it so I can remember to calm things down a bit. Sit back and enjoy this time in my life. Let the Lord guide me more than I have let Him in these past few months.