Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tea Party

Tonight was our monthly Relief Society get together. We had a "tea party!" Mormons having a "tea party" is humorous in itself but we made it even more so.
Most of the women wore nice hats or even ball caps and such but if you know me, I absolutely do not like wearing hats. I never have been a ball cap girl. I think they look cute on so many other girls but not me! David used to put his hats on me all the time and tell me how cute I looked....yeah, he finally gave up! So, if I was coming to this "tea party" and was suppose to wear a hat it was going to be an obnoxious one! Thank goodness for having boys who love wearing silly hats. Mine and a few others from tonight were donated by the Adams boys!
Here Katie, me, and Amanda are in the corner at the "outcast" table!
I wish we would have taken this picture before the meeting started because most of the ladies that had the real nice "tea party hats" had left at this point of the night. We even had some wear the nice dresses and all.
Tonight we learned about hospitali-tea, creativi-tea, musicali-tea, and serini-tea. The decorations were adorable thanks to Sister Bulleigh and my Mom. It was a good night to laugh with some girls and just get out.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Cub Scout Day Camp 2011

Wednesday was the beginning of the Cub Scout Day Camp. It was from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and ended today....not that we lasted until today....
While we were in Utah and David got so sick, I teased that I wanted to make out with him because then maybe I would get sick and not have to go to girls camp. I LOVE my calling but I am not a camper, at least not an overnighter. So when David got so sick and we couldn't leave in time to get back for girls camp, I have to admit that was a plus for me. But I woke up Wednesday morning to the big D. David comes into the bathroom and says, "Well, you said you didn't want to go to camp." Which of course, I replied, "Girls camp, not boys camp!!!!!!!" Turned out to be a wonderful blessing because that first day turned out to be a scorcher and I would have been miserable and most importantly, very crabby.
Well, Poppy came to the rescue and took Levi and Brigham to the camp. I can't express how much I love this about my Dad. Today a good friend of mine gave me the compliment of "being the most giving person" that she knew. But she must not know my father all that well because he is honestly the most giving person that I know. When we go over to Mom and Dad's house, he still walks with me out to the van to buckle Hyrum up so I won't have to do it. That is just who he is. He gives when it comes to the little things and the big things.
I was better by Thursday and so that morning I told the boys to get ready for camp. They immediately started to whine that they didn't want to go. I was a little surprised because Levi loved camp so much last year but at the same time I could kind of see it coming in how they came home the evening before with my Dad. They looked drained as their faces were bright red (and it wasn't from a sun burn!).
So they whined and whined and it go worse when I mentioned to them that Hyrum was going to the Wilson's house while we were at camp. My boys adore the Wilson family so that was a double blow! Honestly, I wasn't that much looking forward to the day either knowing how hot it had been for them the day before so I finally gave up fighting with them about it and said, "Ok, if you don't whine all day at camp today, I won't make you go to camp tomorrow." Levi quickly caught on and in a few short minutes, Brigham finally got it.
But the day turned out to be wonderful, weather wise, as a storm was coming in so most of the day was in cloud cover. I kind of wished I hadn't bribed them so soon as they may have been fine with the next day, as Thursday went so well.
Here Levi and his group are learning knots. He got good enough to do it with his eyes closed.

Brigham caught the biggest fish out of his group on this day at 8 1/2 inches long. But I think the record went to a boy the day before who caught a catfish at 20 something inches long! It caused such a commotion that a neighboring group who were practicing an emergency drill were ignored quickly.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Utah or bust!

I will warn you of many pictures! It was hard narrowing down to these ones only! There were many times on our trip that I had to delete pictures to make room for new ones. We hadn't been to Utah for 2 years and I wanted to capture it all in pictures to get me through till the next time!
We stayed with Stephen and Holly in Spanish Fork and we were so grateful for their hospitality. I couldn't believe how much some of their children had grown up while others looked the same.
Here is Abbey and Hyrum showing their identical dimples! They are only a few months apart in age so it is perfect that they share this cousin trait!
Little Stephen let Levi help him with his club house that he is building.
And we took advantage of the nice (non-humid!!!!!!) Utah weather and played as much as we could outside.
Grandma Helen came over and showed the kids some games that she used to play as a child.
Little Stephen was so funny after she showed them one of the games. He said, "This is a pilgrim game..." We just laughed as Helen took it in good humor as her grandson just unknowingly called her "old!"
On Friday, Helen and I along with the boys headed up to Logan for Ronald and Hannah's wedding. It is an odd thing to not actually lay eyes on your future sister-in-law until she walks into the sealing room, minutes before she is married for eternity to your brother! However, I immediately felt her love for my brother and if only I could have captured Ronald's face. He was beaming at his Hannah. As I was leaving the sealing room, just before hugging Hannah for the first time, I couldn't control my emotions as I realized that she had prepared herself for my little brother for years. I am truly grateful for her.
Uncle Bubba and the boys!
On the way back to Spanish Fork, we went by to see our Rexburg friend, Christine (in Sandy). Christine was like a second mother to Levi. I can't express how much she meant to David and I while in college. She was our family away from family. Here she is showing Hyrum tricks that her Daisy can do.
The next day was the reception and just as you would expect with Ronald, his reception was not normal! The usual light refreshments was out the door as he and Hannah had cake......and otter pops to serve their guests!
After the reception, some friends of mine meet at the SCERA park in Orem for a big play date. I can't get over how pretty my girlfriends are getting with age....definitely the opposite for me!
Holy cow I love this picture! Sure miss those mountains! I can't believe that was my backyard for 2 years! And I LOVE these 2 girls! April hadn't seen Elizabeth for almost 10 years and the second they saw each other, it was like time had stood you can see from their faces!
Little "Deb" was the baby to goo all over. Be(i)n and Laurel's youngest, Olivia, was so cute! I miss my friends so much! The Brennan's have 3 girls and I need them to live closer together so I can plan their arranged marriages!!!!!
On the way home we stopped to let the kids explore at a dinosaur museum in Colorado. It was neat to be able to feel real dinosaur bones and to watch, behind glass, as workers were digging in rocks to find new fossils.
And where was David throughout this trip, you ask? Sick as a dog!!!!!!
This picture does not do justice to what his face actually looks like. I started counting his cold sores and decided it was pointless after 20. I took this picture because of him complaining about the leopard neck pillow that I bought as we were traveling out to Utah. I looked over at him while I was driving back to Oklahoma and couldn't stop laughing as he was making fun of his manhood as he was wrapped in this pinkish baby blanket with the leopard neck pillow!
His sickness started on Friday morning. As I was trying to get us ready to head to Logan for the wedding, I hear this adult puking in the bathroom. He had thrown up 3 separate times and was laying on the bathroom floor as I was heading out the door. What followed was 2 more days of diarrhea. His fevers spiked so much that he was hallucinating. Of course, the sickness spread to the kids but affected each one differently.
We were suppose to leave right after the play date on Saturday so we could drive straight threw and get David back to work on Monday.....but here we are Tues. night and just arriving home.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hormone Mafia

I belong to an exclusive club....most women belong to this club....sometimes I feel I am the leader of this club....I AM THE HORMONE MAFIA!
Ok, so I found these wonderful shirts at a local store. I immediately fell in love with the shirt and had to buy one. As I was checking out I found out that all the proceeds go to local childrens and womens charities which made me feel all the better.
I wore it to one of our girls nights out when Rose and Tricia fell in love with it. Since it was Rose's birthday coming up, we all decided to wear it on her birthday lunch out.
So yesterday we, along with Amanda Bishop, headed off to a very small restaurant just outside of town. When we met up there it wasn't long before we were laughing loudly! A nearby waitress came up to us and told us that the bikers a few tables over told her to tell us that we were being louder than them! They immediately became our friends! Amanda brought a "Birthday Girl" tiara for Rose to wear. One of the bikers came up to us and asked if we would go up to one of his friends and put the tiara on him because it was his birthday also.
We soon find out that his name is Bob, which is also the name of Rose's husband, and that this Bob's wife (on the left laughing) is named Rose also! I love small towns and small places where you can randomly sing Happy Birthday songs to total strangers!

The Hormone Mafia! But who needs serious pictures when you can get good ones!

It took us forever to get this picture taken because of us laughing so hard.

Ok, I know I shouldn't have taken myself out of this picture but I love the close up of this because it is so funny. I love Tricia and Rose's friendship. They lean heavily on each other and often show me what true friendship is. I am grateful for their examples and most importantly that they can goof around and still have spiritual strengthening moments!
Happy Birthday Rose!