Friday, December 29, 2017

Christmas 2017

We left Friday to spend time in Jay for Christmas.
April told me that Layne had been asking if the boys had any sisters before we got there.  When I was taking this picture she told me that I was going to be her sister or something like that.  And then I teased her about using Levi as a pillow and she liked that idea better!
Shaylee, or "Shay"as Ruger calls her, is Ruger's bud.  He likes to grab her fingers and pull her this way and that.  On Christmas day,  Grandma made a comment to me about Shaylee being his Maddie now.  It got me crying because I miss her so much.  But crying too because Ruger is so blessed to have Shaylee.  Shaylee and Maddie would get along so well.  I wish they knew each other.
I think it was on the 23rd when we got snow.
The only thick coat we could find was this pink one.  But do you think Ruger cared?  Not one bit!

Christmas Eve brought pictures before and after church.
The kids always get to make cookies and gingerbread houses before opening gifts.  The older kids and David made foam houses this year as well. I wish I would have took pictures of that.
We tried to do a facetime with Ronald and Hannah  but it didn't work.  Grandma kept trying to cover her face because she didn't want to look at it looking back at her on the computer screen.  It was so funny because she kept trying to use this little peace of foam (from the houses earlier) to cover her it was helping!
Most of my pictures came out blurry from opening presents.
On Christmas Day we went over to MeMaw and Poppy's house for dinner (lunch).  Amanda had brought over these British New Years Party Poppers things that we did before eating.  There were prizes and crowns inside.
Chuck is the King!
And Chuck thinks he can pull over a "look at the hole"hand gesture on me with Big Elton acting like he is picking his nose!  Ok, so maybe they did!
Grandma is the Queen!
And I got a smiling picture out of Poppy!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Our 15 Year Old

This is the birthday that is making it clear that Levi is close to, I don't know...not be a man. but doing those things that start pointing you in a direction of becoming a man.  A young man, maybe?  He just turned 15 and all I can think is that he is already tall enough to match Seniors in high school.  His voice is deep and he shaves.  He started Seminary this year.  He will learn how to drive this year.  He could get a job if he wanted to start early with a permit.  Levi will be getting braces soon and he asked me the other day if he would be able to get them off in time for his mission!  I was incredibly thrilled to hear him ask that but also I couldn't believe he was old enough to seriously think it was that close.  Where has the time gone?  And anytime that things happen with Levi, I know it is right around the corner with Brigham.
 We took him, as a family, to Incredible Pizza Company.  We had never been there before.  I think everyone was impressed.  A lot of times that you go to a place that involves arcades, pizza, and kids you can easily find a not so sanitary place.  Some are ok, but some are definitely " used well." 
 This place was well taken care of.
 The boys favorites were the arcade, bumper cars, racing cars, laser tag, and endless buffet.  And there was more that we didn't even do!
A few days later, we went to Jay to spend Christmas.  Elton and Levi  are a year and 3 days apart in age so they had a party together.
 Nanny and Poppy made these plastic wrap balls for the 2 birthday boys.
 Inside were candy, toys, and money for the boys to get to.  Levi quickly figured out that if you found the end of the wrap, that all you had to do was hang on that end and then just let go!  The rest would just unravel....and then everything went flying!  Ruger loved the "everything flying"part!
I was truly grateful that the family got these "Christmas boys"gifts.  It has to be hard for some "Christmas kids"to celebrate and feel like it is separate from Christmas.  Even  something as simple as doing this plastic wrap game made it for sure not a Christmas event.  I really appreciate that so much.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Pictures, pictures, and more pictures!

I love coming across little things like this.  One headphone in Levi's ear while the other is in Rugers.  Ruger never stays still long enough to stay long but its cute to see.
 There is a Clydesdale ranch in Yukon that David wanted to take us to.  I'm so glad he did.
 It was the most calming experience.  I can totally see why people use horses for therapy.   
Bart was my favorite.  He had me, I don't know, memorized a little bit.  There was this underlying fear that I didn't want to give in to.  He's so big and the muscles on his face were so intimidating.  There was this known factor that he could squash me.  But he wouldn't.  He seemed so gentle.  He tried to eat my purse a few times, though.  Ha!  But seriously, I didn't want to leave and when I drive the kids to school (the barn is along the way) I often think, I should just go back to the barn by myself.  

One of the things that came to my mind, while being with Bart, was that he was beautiful.  Magnificent.  Powerful.  That he could hurt me if he wanted to.  But he chooses to enjoy my presence.  I thought about Heavenly Father.  How He could "squash"me at any moment if He'd like to.  But He loves me instead. If I would just take the time to listen.  To really feel His presence, I could be calmed in my everyday trials.
Geez, I'm calmed just journaling this!  
 But on to gingerbread house making!
And that hair!  I love it!  I call it his Superman hair.

At our ward Christmas brunch, Ruger and Hyrum got to see Santa.  Hyrum was excited because Santa looked an aweful lot like Brother Bill from his primary class ;)

 The Relief Society gave out aprons for Christmas, on Sunday.  Every once in a while I will catch Ruger wearing my butterfly apron.  So when I got this new apron I got excited because now Ruger could have his own!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Pictures to catch up on

Here are some adorable pictures that were taken of Ruger at Preschool.

I got 10 free cards from Shutterfly that I sent out to friends for Christmas.  The rest of the cards that went out this year, Mom and I made.  Inside I put these same pictures.  It said something like, "16 years ago David and Alisa were married in the Oklahoma City Temple.  Who knew that in 2017 they would be living across from that same temple with 4 children in tow.  Where will David's job lead them next?"
Ruger figured out that he can stick things to his tongue by sucking in.  Little things like suction  are the many talents he has figured out all on his own.

I have got to meet up with a few friends while being here.  Valerie came from Arkansas to visit.  We went out and then she spent the night with our family.  I have missed her so very much.  She makes me laugh so much but she also helped me realize some things when I opened up to her.  I needed her as a friend when I was a teenager and I need her now!
I got to know NeNe (Denise) from when I was working at Annies Garden Gate in Grove.  She later became my neighbor.  She has always been good to me.  We met up for dinner (she lives in the OKC area now) and I was reminded of why I liked her so much from the beginning.  She is the definition of an Okie to me.  She is strong and independent but she would give the shirt off her back if someone needed it.
Ruger and I came up to Hyrum's elementary school so that we could have lunch with him during their Thanksgiving celebration.
There have been way to many times that I have spoiled this kid with McDonalds  after I pick him up from Preschool.  One day, Ronald McDonald came out to greet us!  That day I learned that Ronald McDonald has a very thick southern accent  ;)

I love this picture so much!  I love Ruger's joy in this picture but I also love Levi's stance.  It shows the physical signs of the man he is becoming.

So Ruger never cuddles with me.  Never.  He doesn't sleep in bed with us either.  But he was sick one night and this happened.  It was so sweet listening to his breathing.  It reminded me of when he was an infant and would sleep in my arms.
And then in a few days he was in the doctor's office.  
And in line waiting for his prescriptions (double ear infection).  Yeah, Ruger sleeping in a store never happens.  That is is when you know he is sick!
Double Date with the Moores!
Talking on the pizza phone.
Cutest little kid.  I've said it a million times.  And I'll probably say it a million more. 

Man he's cute!  It's what is keeping him alive!