Thursday, December 14, 2017

Pictures to catch up on

Here are some adorable pictures that were taken of Ruger at Preschool.

I got 10 free cards from Shutterfly that I sent out to friends for Christmas.  The rest of the cards that went out this year, Mom and I made.  Inside I put these same pictures.  It said something like, "16 years ago David and Alisa were married in the Oklahoma City Temple.  Who knew that in 2017 they would be living across from that same temple with 4 children in tow.  Where will David's job lead them next?"
Ruger figured out that he can stick things to his tongue by sucking in.  Little things like suction  are the many talents he has figured out all on his own.

I have got to meet up with a few friends while being here.  Valerie came from Arkansas to visit.  We went out and then she spent the night with our family.  I have missed her so very much.  She makes me laugh so much but she also helped me realize some things when I opened up to her.  I needed her as a friend when I was a teenager and I need her now!
I got to know NeNe (Denise) from when I was working at Annies Garden Gate in Grove.  She later became my neighbor.  She has always been good to me.  We met up for dinner (she lives in the OKC area now) and I was reminded of why I liked her so much from the beginning.  She is the definition of an Okie to me.  She is strong and independent but she would give the shirt off her back if someone needed it.
Ruger and I came up to Hyrum's elementary school so that we could have lunch with him during their Thanksgiving celebration.
There have been way to many times that I have spoiled this kid with McDonalds  after I pick him up from Preschool.  One day, Ronald McDonald came out to greet us!  That day I learned that Ronald McDonald has a very thick southern accent  ;)

I love this picture so much!  I love Ruger's joy in this picture but I also love Levi's stance.  It shows the physical signs of the man he is becoming.

So Ruger never cuddles with me.  Never.  He doesn't sleep in bed with us either.  But he was sick one night and this happened.  It was so sweet listening to his breathing.  It reminded me of when he was an infant and would sleep in my arms.
And then in a few days he was in the doctor's office.  
And in line waiting for his prescriptions (double ear infection).  Yeah, Ruger sleeping in a store never happens.  That is is when you know he is sick!
Double Date with the Moores!
Talking on the pizza phone.
Cutest little kid.  I've said it a million times.  And I'll probably say it a million more. 

Man he's cute!  It's what is keeping him alive!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Sunday Biking

Almost every Sunday, since we have been here, after church we have went to the Bluff Creek Park.  Daddy and the older boys go on the dirt bike trails while Ruger, Hyrum, and I go down the walking trails.
 Along the paved walking trails are little exercise/stretching stations. 
 Hyrum likes to read them and follow the instructions.  Ruger just likes to copy his brother and when he gets bored of that, likes to pull Hyrum to move along to the next one.
 Just as it starts to get dark, the older boys usually find us on the paved trails.  They show off a bit (ahem...Daddy!), get Ruger all excited, and then we head back to the truck.
From what I understand, there are quite a few little places like this in OKC.  Maybe the boys will want to venture to a new one here pretty soon.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Myriad Botanical Gardens

Last Saturday was a clear day with just about perfect temperature outside.  David brought up going to the Myriad Botanical Gardens.  When I looked it up, it just happened to be a free weekend.  Sometimes those "free"things are not so great though when it comes to crowds.  I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't crowded at all!
There were cute displays and picture opportunites here and there.
Before we went to the gardens, we decided to explore a little bit.  We went over to the Devon Energy Center.  It's a skyscraper that we see everyday, way in the distance, when I drive the kids to school.  
It really was beautiful inside.

There were a few food trucks outside that we enjoyed.
When we finally got into the Myriad Botanical Gardens, I was really grateful that we went on a free weekend because I'm afraid I would have been a little irritated with myself for spending that much money on something so short.  Don't get me wrong, it was really beautiful inside.  It really was but if you are paying for a family of six it comes to $35.00.  And we probably only spent 15 minutes in there because it was so hot and humid inside.  
But you can't deny the beauty in these pictures!

We did find a huge fan on the top level though that made for some silly wind selfies...and temporary relief from the heat and humidity.
When we got out, we went over to the kids play area.  It was really neat in its variety.
This was one part of the area with the Devon skyscraper in the background.  There were little paths here and there.  Shrubberies and trees to get "lost"in.  Play equipment that wasn't typical of a normal playground at all.  I really liked it!

All in all, it was a really nice part of downtown Oklahoma City.  People were friendly and it was good to see the older boys be boys.  Sometimes those electronic devices seem to get in the way of them getting out and playing around.  That definitely wasn't the case while we were out and about that Saturday.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Someone turned 3!

Someone turned 3 and it wasn't Grandpa!
 But they did celebrated their November birthdays together while we were in Jay over the Thanksgiving break.  
 Nanny made a dinosaur (or "dina-horse"as Ruger says) cake for this "Dinotrux"loving boy.

 Ruger wanted to take his own picture of the dinosaur that Uncle Chuck got him.  It is almost as big as he is! 
He likes watching "Dinotrux"on Netflix but I do have to say that he has been watching a lot of  The Good Dinosaur (Grandpa and Grandma Thatcher got him) in the van lately, while I'm taking the kids to school.  

This 3 year old is still the most active little boy I've ever met.  He was jumping off of the ottoman and onto the floor the other day.  He did it over and over with such ease like it was normal.  I just smiled inside as I thought about an adult doing that and how we would probably put out our back or something.  That is the way he does everything.  With such ease like it is just a natural way of doing things.  So much action in everything he does.  It might be exhausting watching him and being pulled this way and that at times but I have to admit that there are a few times where I have to stop and tell myself not to be jealous.  I do wish I had that energy.  I mean really; imagine all I could get done if I had his energy and enthusiasm for life. 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

It was so nice to be able to be with the Beck/Thatcher side of the family for Thanksgiving this year.  It was over at MeMaw and Poppy's house and like always, it started out with the men and children (and for a little bit, April) playing football.

 Ruger didn't last very long but all the other players were very patient in letting him try.

 Most of the time Ruger was with Layne playing around in the yard.

 The dinner was very yummy, of course.
After everyone left, David, Ruger, and I stayed to talk with MeMaw and Poppy.  Ruger got to spend a lot of time outdoors that day and I really think he loved it.