Saturday, August 5, 2017

Movin' On

Just like life always does, it changes.  For some its health.  Or family dynamics.  Trials here and there.  Jobs.  Our family has seemed to see it all.  I don't feel picked on, though.  Because honestly, it happens all around us.  And when I think of that, our family really hasn't seen it all.  

I see someone post something on Facebook about something challenging happening in their lives.   Someone losing a job.  Or watching a loved one go through cancer.  Someone has been in an major accident.  Or I hear someone at church give a talk and they mention they have lost a loved one to death.  Or even worse I know of those who have loved ones that are still alive but only barely and they worry they will lose them to drugs anyday.  The pain of divorce.  The texts from friends who feel completely alone.  I have been through some of this yet some of it I'm grateful to say I have not.  And I feel I can't complain about moving for the 15th time.

Is it really 15?  I'm starting to lose track.  At least we seem to keep moving to the same states.  Only 5 states at this point.  

And we get to go as a family.  So I'm grateful for that.  David has only been on a few jobs where he went and we stayed and we are not a fan of that.  I would rather us all be together.  So off to Oklahoma we go!

So here's the scoop:

We were only back from our trip to Oklahoma for 2 days when David got a call from a headhunter.  Mind you, he wasn't looking for a job.  He likes his current job.  He tells her that he is happy where he is at but then she starts telling him that this company does temple remodels.  He perks up at that because he has done one other temple (Salt Lake City) before and he loved it.  A completely different experience when it comes to construction.  She then tells him that they are in the works of doing the Oklahoma City temple remodel.  What?  That is where David and I were married!

Later he tells me about this phone call.  I don't want to move again.  I love our neighborhood and I really like our house.  Plus, I just don't want to move our older boys away from their friends.  But he's talking about the place we were married!  That is special!  But David tells me right away that this headhunter was just telling him of places and things this company has done.  He says, "Seriously, honey, I bet there is like 2% chance of them even considering me for that.  That remodel is happening soon and I'm sure they have people in place."

Still, even though I don't really care to move, I want him to put his resume in just in case.  And what do you know?  The very next day the Vice President of the company calls David and says that they need a Project Engineer for the Oklahoma City Temple remodel!  It was funny listening to David retell me this.  He said that he literally said out loud, "You've got to be kidding me!"  I'm sure the man on the other line had to think he wasn't impressed or something at first so David quickly told him that he said that and was so shocked because we were married there, his wife's family was there and we literally just got back from vacation from there!

I could go on and on with the little things that have happened since then.  But I don't really need to.  

I don't believe in coincidences.  Well, maybe if they happened every great once in awhile but there are too many things that led to this for it not to be an obvious sign from our Father in Heaven.  I'm used to moving by now.  And I'm not even worried about it.  I did, however, really worry about Levi and credits since he is just starting high school but even that has worked out.  I have had my questions answered and all will be alright.  Just like David told me from the beginning when I started to really get worried about messing things up for Levi, his grades, and college.  Everything will work out.  

And it is.

Friday, August 4, 2017

And More Cousin Time

We got home from Oklahoma on Pioneer Day.  It was also the day that Rob, Erin, and their children were coming by to see us (they were visiting from Texas).
They brought us all dinner from Cafe Rio while the younger kids played in the back yard.
Later that night, we lit off fireworks in front of the house.
Usually we invite our friends who don't have family to spend it with or just anyone who wants to go, really.  But this time we only invited our neighbors so that we could spend more time with the Adams themselves.  And it was nice.  Don't get me wrong, I love having our friends over for things like that.  I feel like it brings us closer together but I also really liked being able to focus on our family when they come and visit and not feel like I need to mingle with everyone else.
A few days later, we went to where Rob, Erin, and the kids were staying (Park City area) and played in the pool.

The following morning, we met David's side of the family, for a reunion, at Jordanelle Reservoir.  
Its always amusing to me as we walk up to these reunions.  Amusing to me because you can not deny who is Steve's (David's Dad) brothers and sisters.  I don't know if I've seen more family resemblance than with these siblings!  
David's cousin, Zel, always brings his boat.  This was Ruger's first time on a boat.
And just like in typical Ruger fashion, he was not in the least bit afraid!
He even got out on the tube with brothers and Dad!  When he came back to the boat with me, he stood up (after the next set of people got on the tube) and said, "Me turn!"  That fearless child!  And seriously, he should have been.  When we first went out on the water (before the tubing) Zel really took off!  But do you think Ruger cried?  Not one bit!
This looks like Brigham, Levi, and Zada are about to fall off but they didn't!  Of course, this is the boy's favorite picture.  They think its hilarious.
Second cousins!  I have this adorable picture of one of the very first reunions that I went to with David and his family.  Levi was under a year old and he was in a pack in play with Zada.  He stole her binkie and then fell asleep with it!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

We got another double digit boy!

This is the year that the boys choose, on their birthdays, what they want to do.  They can have alone time with a parent/parents that night or have fun with the rest of the family during the day while Dad is at work.  It took Hyrum a while to figure out how he wanted to celebrate his 10th birthday but he finally decided on SeaQuest in Layton.  It's fairly new and we hadn't been there before.  I personally have always really like aquariums.  But this is very different than the typical aquarium.  

It's an interactive experience with fish AND lizards, tortoises, birds, and the list goes on.  The main feature is the fish, sting rays, sharks...typical aquarium stuff but with so much more!  
 We got to sit under part of one of the large tanks where sting rays laid on top and more swam around us.
 My personal favorite was the sting rays that you could touch.  They are so incredibly friendly.  Hyrum was a little nervous about it.  He barely put his hand in.  Even when he was feeding them.

I, however, couldn't get enough of them.  They don't jump up out of the water.  They position themselves in a way that keeps their upper half of their bodies out of the water for quite some time while they let you pet them!  

I thought they were the most friendly creature I'd ever met!  It seriously gave me so much pleasure touching them.  I really didn't want to move on, but this was about Hyrum and not me. 

 Hyrum's favorite part was the birds.  
 He wants a parakeet now!
 We went in this enclosed room, where they gave us some seeds.  The birds quickly came to the little bowls and ate.
It was fun sharing with him that I used to have birds growing up.  So I showed him how if you slide one finger under their chest and follow it down to their feet, they will naturally get off the bowl and onto your finger.   He seriously was so cute to watch with these birds.

My 10 year old boy is still not a typical boy.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.  He's sensitive and so kind.  He cares very much about other people's feelings.  He randomly speaks of spiritual things on his own, without promptings from Mom and Dad.  He still loves cats and Minecraft.  Being tiny for his age hasn't changed and he is still proud of it!  He proudly calls himself a "gamer" but I'm so grateful that he can get off of electronic games without throwing a fit.

He is still my baby and probably always will be.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Umm....what day are we on again?

I'm not sure what day I'm on now but it's time I wrap this up because I have a birthday boy to blog about!

Our trip to Oklahoma was wonderful.  The trip out and coming home was long at times with the random shoutings from Ruger, "Geico" "Choo Choo" "Cow" "Horse" and "Walla" but it was worth it.  Watching Levi and Brigham play so easily, like no time had passed, with Elton was great.  Hearing Ronald say that Brigham was his only "competition" when it came to playing the Nintendo Switch was just another reason for me to say that I gave birth to a little Ronald when I had Brigham.  I wish I would have spent more time watching Hyrum and his dynamics with his cousins.  I know he enjoyed it though and often saw him with the O'Dair boys or Allie.  My biggest takeaway from watching my children with my side of the family was with Ruger though.

Prior to us going out to Oklahoma, I found myself exhausted with Ruger at lot.  He is just so active.  And he often gets himself into trouble, whether it be because he isn't doing what he knows he should be doing or because he is physically putting himself into danger.  Daily.  And I don't want to admit this but I was putting him in that "naughty" category.  But watching him spend over a week at Nanny and Poppy's house just play-play-playin' quickly made me realize that he is not naughty.  He's bored!  When he's bored, he gets into trouble.  I've got to keep him busy.  Which is an even more so  exhausting realization but I'd rather know what is going on.  Why he does what he does.

So lets end with a few random pictures, shall we?
See this metal cup on Ruger's head?  Nanny, Poppy, MeMaw, and Poppy had these nice drink containers that would often be on the kitchen table.  I would say that probably nightly we would catch Ruger walking around the table trying to see who's cup he could quickly take a sip from.  So just before we left, Nanny and Poppy gave him his own!  As you can see, it can be used for soooo many other purposes than the mere drinking out of it standard way ;) 
 On the night of the July birthday party celebration, we realized that Amanda's name was not on the ice cream cake that was bought.  The party was really only about the great grandkids but we still felt bad that one of the adult names was left out so on Amanda's actual birthday we got another cake.  We purposely had her name big on top!  But funny thing is, by the time we got it home, it had tipped over a bit and so Grandma's name (Judy) was smeared off!  I guess it really wasn't meant to be about the adults after all!
There was little pools and water play at both MeMaw and Poppy's house as well as Nanny and Poppy's house.

And that's all folks!  Until we meet again!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Day 5, 6, and 8ish...Lots of Girlfriend Time!

For the next few days, I was able to see a lot of old friends.  Every since I left for college, right after high school, I have made an effort to get together with my elementary/middle/high school friends.  At first, it almost always was at Pizza Hut in Jay.  Now it seems to always be at El Vallarta.         

 We just happened to meet a few days before Robyn's birthday so we HAD to celebrate!  Later, as I was looking through the pictures, I thought it was fitting.  Before the ease of me being able to contact everyone through Facebook, Robyn was usually the one in charge of getting a hold of all the girls when I would come into town. 
 This is my way of saying "Thank You!" Robyn!  Ha!
 I was at El Vallarta again for lunch the next day but this time with the girls at the very first flower shop that I worked at.  All because of a couple of missionaries and a post that Denise put on Facebook!

"Two young men in white shirts (and wrinkled pants) just stopped by my house to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with me and it made me think of you and Kelly Williams and Guylene Berry. (A Mormon, a Baptist, an Assembly of God and a non-denominational Pentecostal all working in a flower shop )sounds like the beginning of a joke) What a great group of ladies we worked with. I miss smelling the new shipments of the fresh armpit (fresh peach) candles and listening to the instrumental theme from titanic all day long with you ladies!"    
She just happened to have this happen while I was visiting!  Which is what let to others replying that we should get together.

Right after college, I worked at a flower shop in Grove.  I was the delivery driver.  It was an amazing job.  I mean really!  Who doesn't want to get flowers?!  I got to deal with customers who were super excited to see me!

But to add to the wonderfulness of this job, these ladies were so good to me.  They would become my friends.  Some would later come to one of my bridal showers, my wedding reception, lunch dates, and I would even get to work with some of them again years later!

But one of the most memorable things that I experienced with them was exactly what Denise wrote on my Facebook timeline.  They knew little about my "Mormon" faith and so I was able to share what I believed to be true.  I, in turn, learned of their beliefs.  So many people are afraid to speak of our relationships with Christ yet we were able to do it freely.

Oh, and when we were stressed out, we would go and smell the candles in the "shop" area of the flower shop...and yes, the so called Peach candle did smell like nasty B.O. (armpit)!  Well, to me it did!
Later in the afternoon, I went to meet Laura in Bella Vista, Arkansas.  3 of my high school friends live in Arkansas now so we decided to met in Fayetteville.  But Laura offered for me to met at her house so I could meet her family and then we would ride together from there.  I'm so grateful that we did.  I LOVED meeting her family.  I already knew her husband and daughter but never had met her boys.  Sometimes I can get a real sense of love between people.  I immediately felt that in her home.  For years, Laura lived in California and so I didn't get to see this side of her with her family.  I have so many memories of Laura from growing up and I love her very, very much.  I think a part of me was just so happy to know that she was safe within her little family.
We met up with Pounce (Misty) and Valerie at Red Lobster and believe it or not, we didn't get kicked out!  These girls make me laugh soooooooo hard.  Our dynamics can be so different from each other but at the same time be so very similar...and that is what I love about our friendship!    
At one point, an older couple came over to us and told us we were very entertaining and that we should get together more often!
A few days later, Valerie and Pounce came to Jay so that they could see my family as well.  
I love this picture so much!!!  Not many siblings can say that they got to hang out together while in school.  But as many of my friends can attest to, April was just different.  We didn't care that she was younger.  She was just so funny and that is why my friends didn't care when I would invite April to things.  So of course, we had to take a picture together!  

Having them come to Jay was also a reminder of my parents abilities to make my friends feel so welcome.  Over the years, I have had some of my friends come to me with things that I had no idea was going on in their lives while we were growing up.  Some of the things they were going through was traumatic in their own ways.  The stableness and safety of the Beck home was what they needed at that time in their lives.  I will forever be grateful that my parents loved my friends the way that they did.

Day 5: More Little Blue!

Since Ronald, Hannah, Shane, and Eden weren't here yet when we went to Little Blue the first time, we made another trip.  

 When we went the first time, David, Shaylee, Hyrum, Ruger, Riley, and I went below the "waterfall" area in search of crawdads.  It's much easier to find crawdads in the low water area where you can move rocks to find them.
But we got to Little Blue this time and Shaylee found a big one almost immediately in the deeper area!

After playing for a few hours, we went back to Nanny and Poppy's house where Dad, David, and Hannah helped with getting the hand prints set in the flag pole base.  I know it had to of been hard work getting that done in the heat and then having to stamp out each individual name!
Later that night, everyone came to Mom and Dad's  house for fried chicken while I met some of my girlfriends for dinner.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Day 4: Family Pictures and Birthday Party

On Tuesday, it was our first full day with everyone.  In the morning, Dad and David got the cement ready and had all of the grandchildren put their hands in it for a flag pole base that they would be getting ready for the next day.             
We didn't know if Levi's hand was going to fit in it or not but Poppy made it work!
For obvious reasons, I needed to go home and visit my family.  The children needed to spend time with their cousins, Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Great Uncle, Aunts, and Uncles.  And David needed a vacation from work.  As he often does, he can't stay idle long, though.  He fixed and did things here and there but for the most part he did rest and I'm really glad that he let himself do that.
That night, we all met at MeMaw and Poppy's house to have dinner, celebrate the birthdays in July (there were 7 of them!), and take family pictures.  
Rose came to take our pictures.  She was so very patient as some of us were cranky because of the heat.  Under the circumstances, I think she did quite well!

The Thatcher and Beck women.
MeMaw and Poppy Thatcher will ALL of their Great Grandchildren.
 Judy and Charles Thatcher with all of their posterity!
 At this point, Hyrum was really tired of all these pictures.  We had to get a silly picture in there for him to keep going.  And I'm glad because its almost perfect!
I saw this "Dab Cat" shirt at Wal-Mart in Utah before we left for Oklahoma.  I really wanted Hyrum to have it so I asked Nanny to look for it in Oklahoma.  I think MeMe (Amanda) was the one who found it because her boys had the shirt too!
 Rose took pictures of the families, individually, if they wanted it.  I had to include this one because Poppy photobombed it!  To make it even more funny, it was the only picture of the Moore family that had everyone looking forward with eyes open!  Ha!  Another perfect one!!!
Doesn't Hyrum look so handsome in this picture?!

 After the pictures, those who couldn't handle the heat went inside while the kids threw powdered chalk balls at each other.  April did excellent with instructions but as it seems to happen often with children, not all listened and there were tears in the end.  But that is ok.  One day they will learn to listen, right?