Thursday, July 28, 2016


My Dad went out to Wisconsin a few weeks ago to spend some time with Grandpa and Grandma Beck.  Auntie Linda flew in from Washington to be there also.  

My Dad seems to go out there every year here lately.  It is a good example to me that time is short here on Earth with the ones we love.  Though I do believe in an afterlife, when we lose someone to death it can still hurt very much.  Odd, if you think about it.  If you are a believer in the afterlife, we should all rejoice at one's passing.  They are in a much better place than this world.  But we don't.  We grieve.  And depending on how close we were to that person, we can grieve a lot.  I have a friend who's daughter just lost her boyfriend to death.  How do you separate what you know in your heart and what you desperately miss here on Earth?  I feel so bad for my friend who has to watch her daughter go through this.  

But like I usually do, I'm off subject.

While my Dad and Auntie were out there, they helped get my Grandparent's house cleaned out.  They ran across this little gem ;)  I had written this to my Great Grandparents (Grandpa Beck's Mom and Step-Dad) in 1992.  It's still making me smile even as I type this.  Oh, how it screams the 90's!  The neon colors.  The "D-R-O-P" a few lines (all my friends were writing notes like this to each other).  When I used to write in cursive (before autocorrect, as you can clearly see).  When I was so excited to be cheerleader again.  My obsession with cats.

 And then there were the pictures!
 I should have laughed at the hair right away.  Or noticed how blue my eyes used to be.  Or how I used to wear jewelry all the time.  The tucked in shirt.  When was the last time I tucked in a shirt?!  But what I noticed right away was the jeans!  No, not the pleats (Why was that cool, again?!).  Nope, it was Rocky Mountain brand that I was so proud to wear.  Some of my friends wore those almost every day.  I guess I wanted to be like them.
And then there was this gem.  Ha!  Ronald's smile, mine and Amanda's hair (her "wings" and my fuzzy perm), and April's sailor bow.  

Oh, the 90's.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Our Ward

David and I have really enjoyed our church (ward) since we have moved into the house.  Honestly, we have been blessed to live in a lot of great wards.  We have made a lot of great friends along the way.  Sometimes callings can be hard in certain wards but it's the friendships that are made that really make it easier to serve.
 A few months ago our ward had a luau.  We have a couple of families in our ward that are Polynesian, so it was cool to have some authenticity to it.  One of our neighbors' daughter painted our faces for the luau.  I love Hyrum's face in this.  He was trying so hard not to smile because he was supposed to be a "warrior."
 Some of the ward members got together on their own (not a church function) to have kind of like a block party for Pioneer Day.  Since it landed on Sunday this year, we celebrated it on Saturday instead.

Honestly, I wasn't doing so well emotionally on Saturday.  It was my 20 year reunion and I really wanted to be there.  I was also worried about a friend of mine.  And by the time the block party was to start, I really didn't want to go.  It's probably only because of David's calming spirit on me that I was able to get it together. And I'm so glad that I did.  This picture shows how I was able to relax finally!

Aimee Castle's daughter broke her arm and so people were signing it at the block party.  It was fun watching her take something that was scary for her (when she first broke it) and turn it into something fun.  But then Brittnay said something about signing her leg.  She thought I wouldn't do it but I did!  She has a fun personality like that to be able to take my craziness.

Friday, July 15, 2016

My Loves

These two.  

They do everything together that they can possibly get away with.

And I'm in love with it.
 Ruger is a very active toddler.  He is hard to control and hard to keep up with.  But that doesn't bother Daddy one bit.  In fact, I think David really likes that about Ruger.

So, church has been interesting with Ruger since he has been mobile.  I'm so very grateful that David willingly takes over with Ruger.  He is almost always the one to take him out of the chapel when he gets noisy.  And David is always the one to take him during classes.  Only when David is teaching in High Priests do I take Ruger.  Ruger is now in nursery but even then, David seems to get roped into helping in nursery because of leaders not showing up.  But I don't think David minds one bit.
Last Sunday, during Sacrament meeting, Ruger was on the floor when Daddy started tickling Ruger's back.  He liked it so he laid down.  Then Levi and Brigham started joining in.  It took a bit but Ruger actually fell asleep in church!  That is a typical toddler thing to do but not for this toddler.  He is way to busy to fall asleep.

Maybe it isn't appropriate to take pictures during church but I just couldn't help it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Because He Loves Me Anyway

I wanted to share something I learned on Sunday in Sacrament meeting.  I was so very grateful for it because it was well timed as well as much needed.

My calling in church has been very stressful.  I am serving in Primary and though I love the kids (and I have said for years now that if I have a calling, I want it to be in Primary.  So yes, I truly do love Primary.) it has been difficult this time around.  I have been in a Primary Presidency before but I am definitely struggling this time.  

I have been in this calling for a little over a year now.  I don't know if I struggle so much because this calling has been during a very difficult period in our family's life or if it's because of the lack of involvement from some of those called to the positions in Primary but it has been difficult none the less.  And when a calling is difficult, it can be hard to feel the Spirit at church.

So when Brother Bitter spoke in Sacrament meeting on Sunday, and I felt the Spirit so strongly, I knew that I better journal it.

He first spoke on the importance of those who have sacrificed so much in the military.  He spoke with admiration of our Veterans.  He had the Veterans in the audience raise their hands.  But then he wanted all of us to raise our hand because he said that we were all Veterans.

I have to admit that I did not raise my hand.  I did not want to take anything away from those Veterans there and certainly not those that I love in my life that have given up so much for our country.  It felt wrong...until he told us why we were all Veterans.  He began to speak about the War in Heaven and how we all fought in that war.  He had no doubt that it was a very difficult war for us as we saw loved ones choose Lucifer's plan.  But we were valiant.  We were indeed Veterans.  Suddenly it didn't seem so wrong to raise my hand.

Then he spoke about the war we are involved in today.  How we are bombarded with evil things constantly.  It made me think of how very important it is to make sure that my family has proper tools to protect themselves with.  To protect themselves with!  I have the typical mom tendency to want to fix their problems.  To hover at times.  But if I don't give them the tools and let them exercise what I am trying to teach them, just what type of an adult will I be guiding into this world in a few years?

He then spoke of his own children.  How he would never let his young children watch certain things.  And yet we as adults can rationalize watching those same things.  Well, because we are adults, right?!  And when our children become teenagers they too will feel as if they are mature enough to watch certain things.  When they become 21 they will become mature enough to drink.  And we can add so many things to this list as they age.

But he said something I will not forget anytime soon.

Jesus was never "mature" enough to be a part of a lot of things that we let ourselves be a part of.

Jesus would not watch a rated R movie and as much as we would like to justify even a PG13 movie, we know He wouldn't watch that either.

I know we are not Jesus.  And it's foolish to think I could ever be even close to His perfect example while in this very imperfect world.  But that doesn't mean that I should not try a little harder.  I'm so very grateful for Brother Bitter's talk.  I have so many things that I need to improve upon.  So many things.  But I will try to do better.  It wasn't one of those talks where I walked away feeling guilty because I wasn't good enough.  I feel like I am in a good place in my life.  Not because I am doing everything right.  But because I am at a place in my life where I can accept that I mess up.  A lot.  And that is ok.  Because of my dear Savior and His atoning sacrifice, I will continue to be forgiven because I will continue to try harder to be better.  And I will mess up again.  And that is ok too.

Because He loves me anyway.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Brigham is almost 12!

 Brigham's birthday isn't until the 13th but we celebrated today because a friend of his, Zoey, was visiting from Texas and wouldn't be able to be here for his actual birthday. 
 Seeing these 3 best friends back together again was very much worth it, in this parent's eyes.  They haven't seen each other in a year and I'm telling you it was like she never left...other than that she is really tall now!
Zoey is the only "girl" friend that Brigham has ever really cared about hanging out with.  He is soooo boy, through and through, so when Zoey started coming around last school year I was more than a little shocked.  But I loved her instantly and soon knew why he and Clayson liked to be around her so much.  She is just like them in so many ways!
 They played Minecraft for a little bit before we had cake and opened up presents.  Soon we were off to Sky Trampoline. Good pictures were just not happening but trust me when I say they were having a blast.
So in a few days, Brigham will be 12.  He had his interview with the Bishop last Sunday.  He is preparing to receive the Aaronic Priesthood.  

2 boys passing the Sacrament.  I guess it could make me sad that they are growing up.  But I'm not.  I'm just so proud of them.  I'm so grateful that Brigham is making this choice on his own.  Sure, he has been influenced by us throughout the years but he also knows that it is not something that we will ever make him do.  It is his choice.  And HE wants to do it.

Brigham received the Aaronic Priesthood on Pioneer Day (July 24th) and passed the Sacrament for the first time on Hyrum's birthday (July 31st).

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Adams Family Time

About 3 weeks ago, Rob, Erin, and their children came to Utah.  We were able to have dinner with them one night and then go to the Air Force Museum the next morning.  But I think the best time that was had was in our living room. 
 Simple things like sharing peas.
 (Ruger LOVES peas, by the way.)
 And a box.  Nothing is more fun than a huge box!
 Well, other than maybe attacking your cousin after getting out of said box :)

 These two.....oh, these two.  They are so in love with each other.  Daddy would follow Ruger anywhere to make him happy.  Even in a box.
Probably about a month and a half ago we went to Stephen and Holly's house for dinner.  Little Stephen was receiving the Melchizedek Priesthood as well as celebrating older Stephen's birthday.  Steve came up from Las Vegas to be with all of us.  It was a nice get together because Stephen and Holly had just decided that they would for sure all be moving to Carolina.  Stephen has been there for a year now; getting to come home once a month to see his family.  So as much as we don't want our family to leave, more of me wants them to leave.  I would never want to be away from David that long.  They have made a huge sacrifice this past year and soon will be blessed with being together again.

Side note.  Look at mine and David's family in this picture...the only ones making faces.  Typical.

And yes, that is a pony tail holder in Ruger's hair.  One of the girls put it in his hair and I thought it was so funny looking so we left it in for the rest of the night!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Independence Day 2016

 I'm starting off with my favorite picture of the night.  EVERYONE was making sure that Ruger was safe.  He sure is one loved boy.
 Before the rest of the families came over last night, we let the boys do their fireworks.

My camera doesn't take the best pictures at night so I ended up just putting it away after a while but so many people showed up!  We had 5 families come and with kids I think I counted 22 people, not including our family.  I really love our little neighborhood.

Friday, July 1, 2016

High Adventure Park

Levi went to a new park (new to us) with a friend about a month ago.  He obviously was really impressed because he kept asking to go back.  It took us awhile but we finally made it there a few weeks later.
 It has the typical swing and slides but so much more!
It's hard to get in pictures how different this place really is because most of it is about motion.

I wish there were more parks like this around.  Levi and Brigham don't tend to like parks that much anymore but this one was really different.  They still love to climb very much and there was a lot of that at this park.