Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hiking With Peace

On Saturday, the weather was nice so we went on a hike behind Weber State University.  We took 2 of our neighbor friends with us and just enjoyed it all.
 I had them stage this picture just to be silly since we can't put pictures of Baby Boy on the internet yet.  So yeah, he's under all those hands.

 Hyrum was so impressed that we could see all of Ogden and the surrounding cities by going high enough up the mountain.  When we hike, we usually seem to pick trails that are more wooded so we don't get to see far out in the distance as much.
We ended the hike with the boys just exploring.

It was so peaceful as if we had no care in the world.  I was able to often say little prayers in my heart as we went along.  So grateful to be at peace.  So grateful to pay attention to the little things like the cactus, lizards, and rocks.  Well, the boys paying attention to the rocks.  Especially Hyrum.  He has been fascinated by rocks for a while now.  Needless to say, he came home with his pockets full!