Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

I love Memorial Day weekend.  I love reminding my kids about our military and those who have gone before us defending what was so dear to them.  I love spending the weekend with those that are so dear to ME.  I love our tradition of going to random graves to put pinwheels on children's grave (Though, this year Hyrum insisted on putting his pinwheel on his Great Grandmother's grave - Helen's mother).  I love that is screams the unofficial beginning of summer (and yes, I do love summers.....just not in Oklahoma!).  And I love that David gets a 3 day weekend!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kids Think - Big D Construction

We spent a good chunk of the day in Salt Lake today at the fair grounds for a kids function that the company David works for, put on.  We are seriously so blessed to have David work for Big-D Construction.  David has worked for a number of construction companies and all have claimed to be family oriented.  I don't see how a company can be family oriented if they are constantly having their employees on a job sight for very long hours and highly stressed.  Not only is David's stress level down but he also gets to go to almost all of our children's school/sporting/church events.  This makes for a happy Momma, I might add :)
 So, this fair that they put on was all about teaching the kids to be safe.  We were busy the whole time going booth to booth learning safety measures about anything from guns to outdoor sports to health and so on.  There was so much to do that we never even made it into the big building that was all about health.  We had to leave to go to Levi's volleyball game but we were all very impressed with how much work went into this fair.  Not once did the boys complain about being bored.
 The highlight of the day was to see Brigham dunk Val on his first try at the dunking booth!  The poor guy had just gotten dunked 3 times in a row by a guy that he worked with.  Then comes up this 7 year old kid, that I'm sure he thought wouldn't dunk him.  I love this picture because you can see the ball going down just after Brigham hit the red ball and Val, hands out, on his way down :)
And to top all of this off, it couldn't have been a more beautiful day outside!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Some Wonderful Moments of Being a Mother

I had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.  David wanted to take me out on Saturday but all I really wanted was some alone time to think some things over and focus on getting back on track with a few things.  The week before I seemed to be a little depressed, knowing that it had all to do with the things that I was not doing but should be.  So, Saturday I headed off to Deseret Book and found some books that I knew would help me.  From there on, I just calmly did what I wanted.  I came back before Levi's volleyball game and felt rejuvenated and ready to change a few things.
And even though I spent the morning of Mother's Day in an InstaCare with Levi, it too was a wonderful day filled with my children and husband.  I decided I was not going to cook so we just ate pre-made stuff on Sunday and watched 17 Miracles.  This movie of the pioneer's hardships was probably the best I have seen yet.    But what was even better than that, was the closeness that I felt to my Brigham after we were done watching it.  
Levi is my sensitive child....not Brigham, but on Easter Sunday I noticed that Brigham seemed a little solemn after church.  He told me that he had heard a sad story about a baby dieing as tears filled his eyes.  It being Easter, I'm sure he was learning from his teacher how that baby will be resurrected with a perfect body and will get to see his/her family one day.  I think it was hard for his mind to get passed the sadness of the baby dieing, though.  
17 Miracles will mess with your emotions as you cry for the great loss the pioneers endured and then the next moment cry for the amazing miracles that Heavenly Father provided for His children as they were obedient.  Again, Brigham didn't act the same.  He said he wasn't feeling good and wanted to go to bed.  I asked him what was the matter as he got into bed and he told me that he didn't want to tell me.  I closed the door and told him that it was just us as he wept because of the movie.  I had been super emotional that whole weekend and had felt the spirit numerous times but this experience topped them all.  I just wept with him as I made sure that he knew just how much I loved him at that very moment.  How I knew of his love for other people and how grateful I was for it.  I let him know that I was sad too and that was ok but I also felt the spirit so strong.  We prayed together and I left that room hoping I would never forget that experience with my son.
Today, Hyrum and I went to Salt Lake to get the van detailed.  We had tons of time to kill so I took him to the Discovery Gateway children's museum.  His favorite part was the simpleness of bubbles.  I took this picture and realized that I should update what Hyrum is all about, just before he turns 5.
As you can see from this picture, he often wears clothes backwards.  It doesn't matter if it is his shoes, underwear, pants, or shirt....somethings seems to be on wrong.  I never correct him.  I kind of think it is cute....and it defines him.  Also, you can see in this picture, his Luigi goes everywhere with him.  He loves all things Luigi.  In fact, at least a few times a week he wears his Luigi costume and yes, I take him places in it.  He loves the Wii and I am sad to report that I too often use it as a babysitter as the other boys are in school so I can get things done.  He, of course, sees nothing sad about this.  Can you guess his favorite game?
Yep, Mario Brothers!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Space Derby

Today was Levi's first Space Derby (Cub Scouts).  
 Both Poppy's would be proud that he won the "Go USA" award :)
 And I bet they would have been proud to see him win 1st and 2nd place in every round!
 Which led to 3rd place overall out of 21 kids!
And I was proud of myself that Brigham and Hyrum didn't drive me too nuts while waiting for the derby to be done!


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