Saturday, April 8, 2017

Hyrum's faith

I just wanted to quickly journal how special my Hyrum is.

I was reminded, again, just how close to the Spirit he is.  I was listening to my 80's station on Pandora today.  "Heaven is a Place on Earth" by Belinda Carlisle was playing when I noticed Hyrum was making a questioning face.  I asked him if everything was ok and he said, "Yes, but I have a question.  How can heaven be a place on Earth.  Wouldn't it be up in the sky?"  I immediately was reminded how these children listen to everything.  

I am picky about the music I play around the kids.  Growing up, I was always singing along to things and not really paying attention to what it meant.  That has changed since becoming a parent!  Most of the time we listen to Christian music but there are times I just need me some 80's or Country!  And often I find myself skipping music as I'm singing along and realizing, wow, this song is about.....  Ha!  
So this was a new song to Hyrum.  I had to explain to him that this wasn't the type of music we were used to listening to and that what she was talking about probably seemed confusing because she is talking about heaven in a different sense.  But then I told him that some people do believe that Heaven is actually on Earth.  So we talked about the veil and things that are unseen because of that.  But then he brought up the Tower of Babel and how God changed the people's language because they were trying to build a tower to get to heaven (that would be in the sky).  I asked him if he would like it if we both looked up quotes and scriptures and stuff so that we could make up our own minds on where we thought heaven would be.  

Fast forward a few hours later and he is in mine and David's room on the bed with me wanting to make cards (he never did make any though because he kept talking, singing, and writing letters instead!).  This time we are listening to Christian Pop music and he starts talking about Jesus being Holy and how he bet that if something really bad were to happen and if that person would just say Jesus' name, because it's so Holy, that it would all go away.  

And then I wanted to protect him right that instant.  I immediately tell him that if it is God's will then that will certainly happen but.... and then I stop myself.  I find myself having to do that alot with Hyrum.  He still has such an innocence about him.  He just doesn't think to question faith.  He just believes.  The protector in me wants to tell him that sometimes we pray for something.  And we pray hard.  And yet, our prayers seem as if they are not answered.  Well, at least in the way we were intending.  I want to prepare him so that his faith isn't shattered when that happens to him.

But this is when I often find myself stopping myself.  Let him have faith, Alisa.  Let him believe.  Don't put doubt in his head.  There is plenty in this world already trying its hardest to put that doubt in his head.  Trust in his faith, Alisa.