Monday, August 30, 2010

Team Work

What a wonderful sight to see as you just walk in from work! David is in school full time, online, and with the kids being in school now, the house usually looks pretty close to perfect when I get home. But on occation David will get a little side job here and there (when school permits) and things fall behind in our house......hence all those dishes! But it was so fun to come home and first be hit with the overwelming smell of dish soap and then coming around the corner to see this wonderful sight! Team work!
We have only had this rocking chair for a few months now. When we went to Wisconsin to see my grandparents, this is one of the things that I was able to take back. This is the rocking chair that my Grandpa Beck grew up with; his grandmother's chair. At first, this turned out to be David's "studing chair." It has since then been turned over to Hyrum....who needs a stool when you've got a big boy chair?!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

On my days off...

It is such a different life now that I'm working. There have been a few times, when at work, that I worry that I have made the right choice. Sometimes I worry about being away from home but usually that doesn't bother me to much (since I am at work while the kids are in school and when they get home I am only gone for 2 hours and Daddy is home). What usually bothers me is how hard it is for me to catch on to things anymore. I forget so much now. And I constantly want to be busy. If there is any slower moments at work I get a little nervous about not having anything to do. The last thing I ever want to be known as is lazy or not doing my share. For the most part, though, I love my job. I love delivering flowers. I love the excitement it brings to the people who didn't expect to get flowers. And I work for a wonderful lady who is patient with me. But David pointed something out to me the other day that I am most grateful for. He said something like, "It's nice having a wife who isn't always depressed anymore." He said it in the most loving way. He wasn't judging me. He was just stating something obvious. And it was obvious...I just didn't realize it until then. I am happier. I really am. I need a schedule. I need routine.

But as much as I need my schedule....I sure do like my days off! I don't work Saturday or Sunday so I spend those days as I always have. But I also get a Wednesday or a Friday of each week off. It switches each week. My first day off was used in back to school activities which I already wrote about. My second day off was last Friday and there just happened to be a scrapbooking convention in Tulsa that my Mom and sister, Amanda, invited me to. We even stayed the night up there in Tulsa! On Friday I walked around all the booths while Mom and Amanda took a class. Afterwards, we went to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. This will explain the following nasty picture. The first time I ever went to the Cheesecake Factory was in Utah with some of my college friends a few years ago. I'm not a cheesecake fan but I have to admit that they put enough chocolate and junk on their cheesecakes to make it worth it! Anyways, the first time I went there I ordered their pulled pork BBQ sandwich. It came out with the hugest piece of fat on it. We had an interesting waiter that pretty much hated us by the time that we left but we had a fun time as we continued to laugh throughout the evening. I have only went there a few times after that but I am notorious for always ordering the same thing at restaurants. I guess I can't stand the thought of wasting money on food that I don't just love...or I'm just a freak about doing the same things over and over... But it is such a contradiction for me to keep buying this pulled pork sandwich because 1) I am not a huge meat eater at all and 2) I HATE fat on meat! Seriously, fat on meat makes me want to puke! So it makes no sense at all for me to keep ordering this. So anyways, we are at the Cheesecake Factory on Friday night and as I'm looking at the menu I tell Mom and Amanda about my pulled pork experience. They of course think I'm crazy for ordering it again, knowing how weird I am about fat and meat. It comes out and no joke that huge whitish thing you see in the left/center of the sandwich....yeah, that is a huge piece of fat! Right on top even! I about died of laughter as I hurried to take the picture of this and send it to one of the girls who was with me the original time I ordered this who likes to tease me about my fatty pulled pork sandwich and me just ordering it so I can get free meals! And just like the first time, our server really didn't like us!
The next day I went to one class and just finished up some other projects that I wanted to get done. I was so glad that they invited me to do this with them. My next day off was today. But it really started yesterday at noon. I got off of work early because I needed to get a cortisone shot in my left heel do to a Planter Fasciitis. Our branch president is a foot doctor and I am so very grateful for him right now! Since I got off work early for this, David and I used the opportunity to go to the Oklahoma City temple. When we go, we always get a hotel room because it is so far away and that way we can get 2 days in worth of time in the temple. You would not believe the problems we had from the moment I got home from work up until after midnight when we finally got home that night. Here are just some of our problems:

-We couldn't get a hotel because of problems we were having with our checking account.

-Tension in the car from miscommunication between David and I and what should have been done before we left on our trip.

-Our card being shot down continuously through the trip and us calling on our cell phones to the card company....which we never got an answer until today, actually!

-David forgot his church clothes to be able to get into the temple.

-We went the wrong way a few times.

-David festering over the real possibility that we just might not have enough money to make it home, which I'm sure only got worse as we passed through each toll booth!

-On ramps being closed and 50 mile an hour road constructions to get through as our time is inching away to be able to get into the temple before it closes.

We finally got to the temple and I'm sure you can imagine the relief it was to feel the spirit there. From then on, the blessings were overflowing. David was just going to stay out in the waiting area while I went in the temple but someone was kind enough to lend David clothes to get in. We did initiatories and at one point one of the temple workers and myself were in tears as we felt the spirit of the sister I was doing the work for. I knew she was there. I don't know how many times I have done initiatories and never have I felt the spirit so strongly as I did for this sister. We may have not had enough money for food on the way home but amazingly, we weren't hungry. We really weren't. We didn't get home until after midnight but our drive home was so peaceful. There was a full moon out and it was so beautiful.
And as good as all my days off has been, I'm pretty sure I'm going to make it a point to just veg this next time!!! I really like to contradict myself, don't I?!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Zion's Mall

Tonight was our monthly Relief Society meeting. But it wasn't the average R.S. meeting. One of my callings is being the R.S. meeting coordinator and though my calling in tells meetings like tonight, I can't take the credit. Sister Bulleigh is over me and wow is this girl talented! I pretty much just called/e-mailed/texted to remind people to come and cleaned up afterward. Sister Bulleigh put so much time and effort into tonight and I think it really paid off. We were put into 2 different groups to go around and be taught in the different "stores." Our first stop was at the Kitchen Store. One of the unique things that Sister Bulleigh did was that she got people from different wards and our Branch President to teach us so that all the sisters could just come and enjoy. In the Kitchen Store, Tammy Gibson taught our class. I grew up with Tammy teaching me in the branch. She and her family has since then moved to the Miami ward but I'm lucky enough to still get to see her a few times a year through family functions and such. So last night it felt more like just her being back at church. I love this woman so much and her example. She had me in tears pretty much the whole class period. She touched my heart so many times as I thought back to my childhood and realizing just how important it is to steer my family in the right direction as my boys are growing up....and so fast. You know, I hear all the time from strangers in stores or close friends and family, "Enjoy it now, they grow up so fast." I have heard it so many times and I have really tried but honestly, when they say it, there are so many times that I have thought something like me wishing that they would grow up just a tad so I could breath and just have maybe one bathroom break by myself without little feet following me. For about a month now I have actually been feeling that they are growing up really fast. Brigham seems so old and independent now. He has always seemed older to me than what he really is because of how close in age he and Levi are but I guess I'm really feeling it now because he doesn't want kisses anymore and he doesn't run up to me and say, "MOM!" when I come home from work or from the store, very often now. And of course with having all the kids in "school" now that is a real slap in the face that your kids are really growing up.
Our next class was the Phone Store. President Roberts taught this class on communicating with the Lord through prayer. I love the feeling that President Roberts has brought into our branch. I see this every time there is a new presidency brought into a branch or ward. It is not that the last wasn't as good as the new; it's just that change is needed. People and families change and just as it is with a new job or new baby or new friend/love, you naturally are more excited about it all as it is "new" and find yourself more involved and excited about things that just won't be as "exciting" in a few years. You love them all the same (well, maybe not the work scenario!), it is just that the new has worn off. The Lord is very wise in changing out callings in the church after a few years instead of keeping people in the same callings forever.
Our last class was taught by Sister Bulleigh's daughter-in-law. This was the Shoe Store and she taught us we must try to walk in others shoes before judging them. I thought it was interesting as she brought out points of why people judge; anger, life experiences, fear, insecurities, etc...
Then we all went to the Food Court and had the typical things you find in a mall food court; lemonade, pretzels, pizza (pockets), and cinnamon rolls.
Afterwards, we all got to "shop" at our Thrifty Store where people from the branch just brought things that they were willing to give away. We had a LOT left over so David and the missionaries will be making a trip to a local Christan store soon so that they can donate all our goods.
I am so grateful that I was so spiritually fed last night. We had a bigger turn out than normal and I'm grateful for that also because if only half of the women felt what I did, I can only imagine the success that will be happening all around as we enter into the remaining of this week.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Roberts Family Home Evening

We were invited over to the Robert's house for Family Home Evening tonight but dinner wouldn't start until 7:00. We eat dinner pretty early in our house (between 5-6) and I was already hungry by the time I got off of work so I thought we would do something fun to add to our FHE experience. Who says you can't have dessert before dinner?! So we headed off to Braums to have us a treat! As you can see from Brigham's face, the sugar was already taking effect!We were not the only family invited over to the Robert's home. The Moore, Wilson, Bass, Bishop, and the missionaries were invited also which made a huge group...32 in all! Here we are walking down to their pond where all the fun was to begin!

On the way down, I caught this picture of David making his way back up the hill with a slew full of girls. He was using any excuse he could to drive this manly toy....even going all the way up, at one point, back to the house just for a fork!
Here my wonderful husband is making sure that Hyrum was involved too. He was the only adult out there in the water for the longest time with all those kids. I love my husband so much. They say that nothing is more attractive than when you see your husband with a child or doing housework or helping you in some way. It is so true. I love this man.
David was the boat taxi man for most of the pond time!

This picture was taken because of Morgan and Tricia's fear of bugs. They both were so funny! Morgan heard that Sofie (her sister) had a tick on her so off Morgan went and wasn't leaving this vehicle until she was safe inside the Robert's home. As we were taking pictures of Morgan and her pouty face (and laughing, of course) Tricia had some kind of flying bug come and attack her. So, Mommy joined daughter as they hung out on higher ground!
Here is Preston, Hyrum, and Drake enjoying the yummy food. After this, President Roberts gave the FHE lesson on the prodigal son. I felt bad for him trying to teach this lesson with so many rowdy kids but he just kept on teaching. I think he was able to assist the spirit into filling our hearts. I know it did mine. I thought of that Barlow Girl song, She Walked Away, while he was teaching us. How all of us can find our way back home, both earthly and heavenly.
We didn't get home until after 10:00 and we were all so tired but being outside like that for so long, we knew we still needed showers and most importantly, tick checks. Amazingly enough, we were all safe! Just to let you know how tired we all were; the boys were in the shower and at one point we heard this followed by crying.
Brigham: "Levi! You got water on me!"
Heaven forbid you get water on him in the shower!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back to school open house

Today was the open house for the Grove Public Schools. The boys were excited, of course, but I noticed Brigham was a little reserved. I'm hoping it isn't because he is nervous about being in a new school. He moved up from the Early Childhood Center into the Lower Elementary. I mentioned to him tonight that it must be nice having a big brother in the same school building now. He didn't really say anything but I've mentioned a few times to Levi to make sure that he shows him how to get to the cafeteria (they provide free breakfast for all the kids) and his class room just in case he forgot from our trip today. Here is Brigham with his first grade teacher, Mrs. Roberts. She seems super nice. She has been at this for over 20 years now so she's a pro! Doesn't Brigham look so old in this picture?!
And here is Levi with his second grade teacher, Mrs. Steffenson. She is going to be the best teacher, I can already tell! I could feel her love for her job almost instantly as we met her today. I like to get presents for the teachers on the first day of school but we have never had a present waiting for one of our kids so this was a fun surprise!
Tomorrow starts our new school year!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Head Start

Today was the open house for the Head Start that Hyrum will be attending, starting this Thursday. Hyrum is only 3, which is really early to be starting a certain type of "school" but with his speech problems we have been encouraged by Sooner Start (Hyrum has been in this state run program for about 6 months because of his very low speech skills) to make this our next step for him since he is too old to stay in the Sooner Start program. This will be quite an adjustment for Hyrum since the Sooner Start program is an in-home program that is only twice a month. Now he will be attending "school" Monday through Friday. I see how the Lord prepares all of His children though; even His really little ones. When I worked for the Census and when I would work for the flower shop there were a few times that David could not watch the kids because of his schooling so they would attend Mom and April's daycare. Hyrum is very much attached to his parents and us taking him to the day care was a good way to get him ready for this day coming up......Head Start.....As you can see, he still hasn't mastered the skill of being able to walk up steps without holding onto a rail. Here he is holding his presents for his teachers.
Ms. Dala and Ms. Karrie will be his main teachers. I still haven't met Ms. Karrie, but this was my second time I was able to spend a little "get to know you" time with Ms. Dala. And just as sweet as she looks in this picture; it accurately portrays her. She seems like one of the most genuine person you will ever meet. It is obvious her love for children and just people in general.
So I started working full time at the flower shop this Monday. It is perfect timing since Hyrum will be going to school now and there really isn't a need for me to stay home. Here are a few cute things I have heard or heard about about the kids.
-Handy Helper is the name that the boys call Tuna Helper because of the smiley hand that is on the box. David thinks it is sad that they have their own name for this dinner....meaning he must fix it too often. I just think it is cute!
-Levi asked us the other day why it was already Fall. I had to explain to him that it wasn't actually Fall but that the grass is dying and the leaves are falling off the trees because it is so hot outside and we haven't had rain in a long time. He then said something about all the grass going to Heaven. Once again....sooooooooooooo cute!

Friday, August 6, 2010

R.S. night out

We belong to a small branch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Grove, Oklahoma and so our women's organization, Relief Society, is a small one. When we get together, not a lot of women show up but that doesn't mean there isn't room for lots of laughs, good advice, and love for each other. Tonight we met at a new restaurant, Broccoli's, and the subject at hand....ironically was diets and weight loss! Leave it to group of girls to be eating yummy, fattening food as we are talking about losing weight! Rose, Tricia and I are each others support system right now as we are doing the e-HCG diet and they are just wonderful at it....I, however, refuse to go to a restaurant and not get something yummy and well....ok, I'm making excuses for my rice pilaf! I am down 6 pounds though, so woo who!! Now, if only I was as dedicated as my support system is as they are losing more than me, naturally! Thanks for trying to get me to make the right choices tonight, girls....made for some good laughs though, didn't it?Then some of us went to Barb's Little Scrapbook House in Bernice to spend the rest of the evening. It was a fun relaxing evening as I got to know our newest member of the branch, Amanda, laughed at Rose and Tricia, and was inspired by Julie's example of a mother to so many. I love these women. I love your honesty. I love your examples.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

At Peace

I have felt the spirit so strongly today and I need for my family to know, in years to come when they might come across this family journal of ours, that their wife/mother/grandmother struggled greatly. And from writings past, I think that they know to some extinct just how I hurt, despaired, and longed for a change in myself. But I also want them to know how at peace I feel at this moment. I began this morning with the thing that I have been doing a lot lately; taking life calmly. No rushing around for me anymore. Slowly we got ready for church and left. Fast and testimony meeting had me in a spiritual high to last me even to this very moment at 8:49 p.m. As I listened to each testimony it became clearer and clearer to me of how very blessed that I am. I realized in times past how the Lord works through others. That I have many angels around me daily that have flesh and blood. Today, however, I felt it so strongly during fast and testimony meeting; and could go through the rows of members and was touched by the spirit of just what they had done for me. Each one. How blessed I am to have a Father in Heaven who loves me so much that he would surround me with so many people who are willing to love me. I feel so at peace and I am grateful.