Monday, May 29, 2017

Beus Canyon Trail

For the last 2 weekends we have been hiking on the Beus Canyon Trail.
 You can't see it in this picture but this huge rock is kind of jutting out over a small stream.  
 We stopped here for dinner...
 ...and a picture opportunity...
 ...and got the best one of all!
 This has to be my favorite trail we have found so far.  I love all the shade and water scenery.
 When we came back this weekend, we got a little farther. 
 Levi, Hyrum, and I went ahead, at one point, so that David could talk with Brigham.  We tried to hide across the stream so see if David and the other boys would walk right past us.  It didn't work but Daddy got a picture out of it.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Lets Play Catch Up #2?

In Levi's FACS class, they had a preschool type thing for 2 and 3 year olds.  The same as what Ruger did last semester with Maddie.  This time there were a lot more students and children.  But even with that, Ruger still got a lot of attention.  Especially with the boys.  They LOVED how active he was.  It was funny realizing that Ruger had no clue how much attention he was getting.  He was just going from one station to the next, sometimes tripping over his own feet because he's going so fast, and not even hearing the giggles and "I love that kid!" comments.
 (Levi, Ruger, and Lussee)
 For probably the last year or so I have been able to go to the temple a lot and only focus on family names.  David and I rarely get to go together but I'm just so grateful that I have such close access to a temple and a husband who will stay home with our crazy active toddler so that I can peacefully know Ruger is safe while just I go. 

When David and I were first married, we made an effort to go every Saturday together.  But I  have to admit that there were times that I felt it was too long and didn't really get the whole reason of doing it.  It feels so different now.  I go now because I have a longing to do so.  If I'm completely honest, I'm pretty sure I didn't have that feeling back then.  Knowing that I am a vessel in linking my family together and they in turn are helping me on the other side of the veil, just makes the experience different.  I feel like I'm focussing more and understanding on a different level how very important all of our roles are...on both sides.  Death is not the end.
 One day David, Ruger, and I were coming back from an insurance meeting at HHI when David thought it would be fun to stop at the train station in Ogden.  Ruger loves trains (or "ChooChoo" as he calls them).  Simple joys.
 Some time ago Brigham and Levi were working on their genealogy merit badge for Boy Scouts.  I'm too lazy to write it again so I'm going to copy and paste from Facebook.  Yep, that's how I roll.  And while I'm at it, I might as well add a few other posts from my funny boys.

"Levi and Brigham were working on their genealogy merit badge for Boy Scouts last night. One of the things that they were to do was a timeline for themselves or a relative and then write about that timeline. This is what Brigham wrote:
"David and Alisa are married. Then the tall weirdo, that is Levi, was born. I was the fabulous second child. They could not handle my fabulousness so they waited 3 more years to have another weird child named Hyrum. He was strange...and short. Ruger was adopted 8 years later. He was actually Batman."
And yes, if you look closely at his picture, apparently Brigham gets his facial hair from both his father AND mother!"

From May 21st,
"We are at the dinner table tonight when David and I ask the usual, "What did you learn in church today" question. It gets to my turn and I start talking about Naaman. Since Hyrum was in Primary when I was teaching about this man, I ask him, "What was different about Naaman?" He says something about leprosy and then ends with, "Wait, isn't that what you have Mom?" 

 And yes, he was dead serious. Eczema, son. I have Eczema."

From May 3rd,
"Levi, "Mom, do you like staying home with Ruger?" Mom, "Yes. But if I'm honest there are days that it is hard. Like when he yells at me and hits." Levi, "Well, at least you don't have to work." Instant backpedaling as he sees the look on my face to that last comment! Levi, "I mean, at least you don't have to do math." Looks at me and starts to backpedal again. Levi quietly says, "Well, except for when you are shopping." Then he gets a little louder and says, "But at least you don't have a mathy job like Dad." Son, I think you should stop talking now...."

Hmmmmm...what should I expect to come out of little Ruger when he starts to talk in sentences???

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Weekends With Grandma

We have got to spend quite a few weekends with Grandma Helen lately.  It has been nice and the boys have really enjoyed it.
 Grandma usually takes Ruger to the park by our house when she comes and I think he is starting to expect it when she is here too!
She got to spend conference weekend, Easter, and Mother's Day with us.
 She found this Big D hat in Hyrum's closet and wanted to take a picture with it on and then of course, Ruger wanted to wear it.  David may not work for Big D anymore but its still a fun thing to have.
(Mother's Day 2017)

Monday, May 22, 2017

Lets Play Catch Up!

With all this beautiful weather (and by beautiful weather I mean NOT HOT WEATHER) I have been doing most of my exercising outside and not at the gym.   Actually, I'm pretty terrible about going to the gym.  But when you have views like this, how can you not enjoy long walks.  I don't even need my music to keep me entertained while walking.  Just the views, the cool breeze and my thankful thoughts to Heavenly Father for giving me such peace.   I sure am blessed to live right next to a walking trail around a well kept park.
Levi had an assignment in FACS (Family And Consumer Sciences...what we used to call Home Economics) where he had to cook, I think, 7 recipes by a certain date.  And like most parents experience once in a while, he came to me the day before it was due!  The parenting classes in me wanted to come out and say, "Well, good luck.  That way is the kitchen!"  But the mother in me really wanted to teach him to cook!  Luckily, I was blessed with patience that day and was able to help him.  We had to take pictures of each "dish" he made but this one is my favorite.  I was trying to think of quick ones and I remembered something from when he was smaller.  When I was trying to be clever and get him to eat fun and healthy stuff.  We didn't have a popsicle stick so we used a plastic knife.  Ha!  He stuck a banana on it, dipped it in yogurt and sprinkled chia seeds as well as some chocolate chips on it.  Whala!    
 Hyrum had a mother/son bingo night at the school that he wanted to attend with me.  He was suppose to bring a blanket and pillow.  He chose a blanket Nanny made for him and his pillow that he worked so hard at getting when he was selling candy bars for the school PTA.  And I think Uncle Chuck got the shirt for Brigham years ago that has now been handed down.
I can't remember how long ago but we invited all our neighbors on both sides of the streets by our house (pretty much the whole block) to have a BBQ at our house.  I can't remember how many people we 20 something...but it was nice and relaxing.  It wasn't at first because I get anxious especially when it comes to hosting things but everyone quickly made me feel at ease.  We really do have the best neighbors!
(Karl and Ruger)
 David and I tend to have late night snacks.  Sometimes it's Ramen, sometimes its spaghetti or whatever.  Almost every time, Hyrum can smell Ramen Noodles out like...well, he has a "super sniffer" like me!  Sometimes he gets, "Hyrum, you should have eaten when we told you it was almost time for bed."  But sometimes he's spoiled as we are reminded that he is on ADD medication that takes away his want to eat and when that medication runs out late at night, a little 9 year old gets hungry!
 We all know Ruger is incredibly spoiled but this just proves it!  Ruger whines that he wants to be held while Daddy is peeling potatoes and Daddy does it!
 Levi and Daddy ran a 5K to help raise money for the schools around here.  The weather wasn't the best but they did it anyway!
 Just a cool cloud formation.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Sometimes You Just Need A Hike

I love living by the Air Force base and I love our little community.  I love the sounds of the jets, as it reminds me of our freedoms, but there are times that it is hard to hear nature because of all the happenings around the base.  Being so close to a city makes it hard to feel nature around us as well. 

 Luckily the mountains are almost in our back yard, so to speak.  We don't have to travel far to get to a very quiet and peaceful place.
Even with a few crazy boys, there was peace found here and there.
 Hyrum had been asking to go on a hike for a while now.  He wanted to see the snow.  Most of the trail was mushy and had patches of snow here and there.  Needless to say, everyone but Dad took off their shoes when we got back to the truck.

I saved this picture for last.  When David smiles, he gets all these wrinkles around his eyes.  I call them his "smiley eyes."  I love it!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Hyrum's faith

I just wanted to quickly journal how special my Hyrum is.

I was reminded, again, just how close to the Spirit he is.  I was listening to my 80's station on Pandora today.  "Heaven is a Place on Earth" by Belinda Carlisle was playing when I noticed Hyrum was making a questioning face.  I asked him if everything was ok and he said, "Yes, but I have a question.  How can heaven be a place on Earth.  Wouldn't it be up in the sky?"  I immediately was reminded how these children listen to everything.  

I am picky about the music I play around the kids.  Growing up, I was always singing along to things and not really paying attention to what it meant.  That has changed since becoming a parent!  Most of the time we listen to Christian music but there are times I just need me some 80's or Country!  And often I find myself skipping music as I'm singing along and realizing, wow, this song is about.....  Ha!  
So this was a new song to Hyrum.  I had to explain to him that this wasn't the type of music we were used to listening to and that what she was talking about probably seemed confusing because she is talking about heaven in a different sense.  But then I told him that some people do believe that Heaven is actually on Earth.  So we talked about the veil and things that are unseen because of that.  But then he brought up the Tower of Babel and how God changed the people's language because they were trying to build a tower to get to heaven (that would be in the sky).  I asked him if he would like it if we both looked up quotes and scriptures and stuff so that we could make up our own minds on where we thought heaven would be.  

Fast forward a few hours later and he is in mine and David's room on the bed with me wanting to make cards (he never did make any though because he kept talking, singing, and writing letters instead!).  This time we are listening to Christian Pop music and he starts talking about Jesus being Holy and how he bet that if something really bad were to happen and if that person would just say Jesus' name, because it's so Holy, that it would all go away.  

And then I wanted to protect him right that instant.  I immediately tell him that if it is God's will then that will certainly happen but.... and then I stop myself.  I find myself having to do that alot with Hyrum.  He still has such an innocence about him.  He just doesn't think to question faith.  He just believes.  The protector in me wants to tell him that sometimes we pray for something.  And we pray hard.  And yet, our prayers seem as if they are not answered.  Well, at least in the way we were intending.  I want to prepare him so that his faith isn't shattered when that happens to him.

But this is when I often find myself stopping myself.  Let him have faith, Alisa.  Let him believe.  Don't put doubt in his head.  There is plenty in this world already trying its hardest to put that doubt in his head.  Trust in his faith, Alisa.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I don't even know what to title this

Sometime this month (This is what happens when you take forever to journal) was Dr. Seuss' birthday.  The school let the kids dress up as their favorite Dr. Seuss character that day.  
 Levi had to sew something for his FACS CAREER class.  He chose a huge bean bag pillow/chair.  His teacher was so impressed that he made a grade quite higher than was originally allowed (Again, because I've waited so long I couldn't tell you how significant that grade was...)

As you can see, everyone loves the bean bag thing...poor Brigham!
 Only in the last few weeks has our house been finally cleansed of sicknesses.  I took this picture one night while Ruger was actually still...only because he was sick.
 Levi and Hyrum share their food a lot with Ruger.  It's quite cute.  I wanted to capture this one because Hyrum had a whole bag of popcorn.  Taking one out at a time and switching between persons so that they both get equal amounts makes for a looooong snack.