Sunday, January 31, 2010

Brigham's loss...and some boy wisdom...uh.....

So, Brigham's two front teeth have been loose for a while now. He would not let us wiggle that thing out for anything. I guess he was scard from the last time he lost one of his bottom teeth. We were living with April and Elton at the time and Elton kept asking Brigham if he wanted him to pull his tooth out. Brigham was nervous about it and told him no but Elton told him that he wouldn't...that he just wanted to look at it. So my trusting Brigham goes up to his Uncle; Elton wiggles it around a little bit, tells him that it is so close to coming out and then RIPS it out of his mouth! (Ok, maybe a little bit of exageration there for a good story :) Of course Brigham cried and cried and there was blood which you know how that is to a child. If there is any blood, well, someone just might die! Anyways, these front top teeth of Brighams have been hanging there for what seems like forever. But what I thought was funny about it is that on Friday Brigham actually asked if Uncle Elton could take out his tooth! So maybe he didn't scar him after all. Well, we didn't have to have Uncle Elton do it after all because tonight as I was trying to get his shirt off before his bath, it must have yanked on that tooth and out it went flying. Isn't he cute?! Levi had to point at Brigham's tooth just in case who ever saw this picture couldn't tell what tooth he lost....funny boy!Another funny thing while the kids were trying to get in the bathtub was a few comments about a certain male body part. I remember my mom making a comment once when Levi was a baby. He was just under a year old and in the bath tub. Some friends of ours came over, Ben and Laurel, and someone made the comment about Levi examining his penis. My mom said, "Yes, that never changes. He will always be obsessed with his penis." I have to admit that it embarrassed me at the time, saying it in front of my friends. Now, I just think it is funny and oh so true it is. Levi was getting in the bathtub tonight and he was complaining about how hot the water was. I told him to slowly get in the water. So he puts his feet in and starts to put his booty down in the water when he says something like, "I have to be careful. I don't want to get my penis in the hot water." Forget about all his other body parts....just don't mess with the penis! Then after Brigham gets in I look over at him and he is looking down and says, "Mom, why is my penis purple?" Before I can tell him that it is because he is messing with it and needs to let go he informs me that "maybe it's because my tooth fell out." So there you have it. A penis really does have everything to do with everything in life!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Building rooms and flying helicopters

Today was our Sunday to cook lunch after church. Not as many family members came this time but most of the cousins were there and so the kids were happy. Levi and Brigham had been looking forward to playing with their flying helicopters since they got them for Christmas but we haven't been able to get them out due to the weather. Today was a pretty nice day outside so we told the kiddos that once Daddy got home from his meetings at church that they could play, for the first time, with the helicopters and to make it even more special, they would get to do it with their cousins. Unfortunately, while we were waiting for David, Grandpa read the instructions and found out that the helicopter is suppose to charge up for 3 hours before using it! But it didn't take long for the kids to use their imagination and play with the simple things in nature.....a tree and it's branches! I came out to ask them what they were doing and I was quickly told that Shaylee and Levi were the parents and that Brigham and Elton were the sons. Shaylee told me that they, "were playing like they were poor and that we have to make our own rooms." The things that kids think of! I thought at the time that it was funny but as I'm writing this I'm starting to wonder the lesson that I could learn in this. Two things are coming to mind: 1) That according to the way they were role playing, you can still love and be loved when poor and 2) that they really "get" what being poor is. I know a lot of people who use "poor" a lot when describing we should feel sorry for them. I've been guilty of it but are we really poor? Not really. We have a roof over our heads, we are warm at night ( maybe the Buttons don't fall in this category....see ....umm....did I just call you poor?:) , we have plenty of food to feed our kids along with some yummy snacks in between, the kids have been given plenty of clothes from all their grandparents and they get to join things like soccer and cub scouts on occasion. Jeez really, those poor people in Haiti are poor. We certainly are not poor and honestly, I don't know a single person who would actually fall in the poor category. Yes, I know plenty of people who have more than others but I certainly don't know anyone personally who is poor. I'm feeling pretty blessed right now.

Then finally came the time to fly those helicopters that the boys have been waiting since Christmas to fly......thanks again MeMaw and Poppy! Ok, so we couldn't wait the whole 3 hours but it was worth listening to those kids get so excited (see the following can't help but smile while listening to their giggles and squeals!) over just a few minutes of battery time!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Getting to know Levi

Tonight was Nanny and Poppy night for Brigham and Shaylee and so that means that tonight was Levi's date night with one of us. David and I switch off on who gets to have the alone time. The kids are always bringing home "Book It" certificates (a free personal pan pizza for reading a certain number of books) and ice cream certificates for a number of different things. It is so nice to have these coming home because we use these on our date nights....makes for cheap dates! Then we are not worrying about money while we have our alone time with our boy. Tonight was my night with Levi and off to Pizza Hut we went. We got to spend more time than usual because our server didn't realize that they didn't have black olives (Levi is just like his mamma!) for our pizzas. So after we switched the order up a little bit they gave us some free Chocolate Dippers....just what Levi had been asking for. Once again, just like his mamma; he loves his chocolate! Anyways, as we are waiting all this time, there was a lot of room for conversation. It is sad to me that it takes times like these to really get to know your child. Well, I guess I shouldn't say that. I mean, you really get to know someone while watching them interact with others. I watch Levi all the time playing and giving with his brothers. But I don't take the time to just talk to him. So here are some of the fun things I learned about Levi tonight.
Favorite Color: Gray - "It used to be green" but now is gray because of Wolverine and "on his hand has cat thing spikey that goes..." and then he makes some sound that indicates those spikey things coming out of Wolverine's hand.
Friends: Has 14 friends - but they are all "great" and can't pick just one so he decided to play by himself today.
Dating: I told him that one day he would take some other girl on a date here (Pizza Hut). He informed me that he would not take a date there. When I asked him where he would take his date I just knew he would say McDonald's! He thought and thought and then finally said, "Church!"
Conclusion: I have a real good and cute boy!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some funny things I've heard come out of Brigham's mouth since shaving his head today:
"I'm bald!"
"We shouldn't go anywhere and scare anyone...because we are so different."
Something about liking the way his hair feels but that "now I can't twist my hair."
"When we get bigger, we can look even more like Uncle Rob!"

The buzz

You know how life loves to give you a bunch of crap all at the same time. "Isn't our luck glorious! Now don't you let that get you down." my grandma said to me a few hours ago. I've had my "getting close to tears" moments lately but for once, it actually isn't me whose getting down! My poor husband is trying to stay sane locked up in this very tiny house. He doesn't have any work right now, his truck isn't working (which is an annoyance all in itself since it has been one thing after another with this truck since we moved here), our water froze the other day, he's trying so hard in his calling (Elders Quorum President) only to have one person after another not come through, and as he's putting gel in Brigham's hair this morning he notices LICE! Welcome to Oklahoma! as April said today after she came over to make sure that it was indeed lice (we've never had it before and she's in the childcare field and has seen it plenty of she says, "I'm the Lice Queen!"). Well, so much for church today and so much for doing much about the lice considering we still don't have water! I'm actually laughing as I write this. It's still humorous to me....but David, well, he's still working on it! At least is hasn't dampened his mood in goofing around with the kids, though.Hyrum getting buzzed....since this is all we can do about our little lice problem right now.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cereal for dinner anyone?

The kids have been out of school because of the "Arctic weather" which means lots of lazy time around here. And you know what laziness can do to moods...David and I found ourselves worrying about certain things that we can do nothing about and in the end getting irritated with one another.
I went to the store before dinner to get some lasagna noodles and ended up just taking my time to have a little alone time. By the time I got home it was getting a little too late to be just starting on lasagna. Hyrum was following my every move because I had brought home some Trix cereal and wanted a few handfuls of it. David and I have never done this before but we thought, what the heck! Why not have cereal for dinner. It made me think of my friend, Brittany, and her realization that it is ok to not be the "perfect" mother. That sometimes hard days come and you do what you have to do to stay sane and most importantly, that is ok. It turned out to be the funnest thing. We called the kids into the kitchen and said, "You can have whatever you want for dinner...I don't care if it is a can of olives...YOU PICK!" So they ended up with a few bowls of cereal, ravioli, black olives, and GoGurts. I laughed at all the "that's disgusting" comments that David made and enjoyed all the many compliments from Brigham about how this was the best meal ever! The feeling was still in the air after David cleaned up and so off to the living room we went to play Tip It and a Memory game. I think our evening turned out quite nice after all.