Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

Yesterday we did our annual tradition of going to a cemetery (Memorial Gardens in South Ogden) to find graves of soldiers or babies that had no flowers on them.  

We ended up all putting our flowers on soldier's graves this time.

There were lots of clever ideas like this one to decorate the graves of their loved ones.

This is probably my favorite tradition of ours.  It is always so peaceful.  It puts into perspective all the many blessings that are in our lives.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Out of the Mouths of Little Stinkers

Just thought I would document a few cute/comical things that have come out of the mouths of my little stinkers.

A neighbor friend of Hyrum's is allergic to peanuts.  One afternoon they were playing downstairs when Hyrum comes running up and lands in the bathroom (the opposite side of the house and upstairs).  I see that he is out of breath and is eating a granola bar as fast as he can.  Normally I would get onto him about eating in the bathroom but instead I asked, "What are you doing?" since it seemed so out of the ordinary.  He responds with, "I'm saving Jett's life!"  I tried my hardest not to laugh as Hyrum told me about how allergic Jett is to peanuts and seeds.  What a good friend to get as far away and as quickly as possible....more like, what a cutie!!

Today in sacrament meeting, our Bishop was sharing a few thoughts.  He was talking about how when he first got married he tried to show off for his wife by trying to do the same exercise routine she was doing.  Soon into the routine, he pulled something.  We all got a laugh out of it but honestly, I can't even remember what the point was because I was too focused on Hyrum's response to the Bishop saying, "She kicked my butt."  I laughed and so did Hyrum.  But then as if he just remembered that he isn't supposed to say that word, looks at me very seriously and says, "He should not have said that in church!" 

We were having asparagus with our dinner one night and as I have written before, the boys call it "asparagross."  I only make them eat one when I cook them but of course, they still complain.  Brigham says, "What's on these?"  I tell him that I put spices and butter on it.  Levi says, "Next time can you put cookie dough on it?"

In his dreams...

Brigham mowed our lawn for the first time.  I was so proud of him that I had to go get the camera.  Guess what his words were right as I was taking this picture?

"You should pay me for this!"

And I will end on Hyrum calling me old this morning.  He walked up to me pointing to his arm and asks, "What is this?"  I look at his smooth, perfectly colored arm with one itsy bitsy little dot on it.  I tell him it is a mole.  He looked a little concerned so I told him that is was ok and that I had them all over my arm.  He then asks, "Does that mean your old?"

Oh boy!  If that were true, I'm well into my hundreds!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Field Day

So today was the boy's "field day."  They each got to spend an hour and a half outside at 4 different stations.  2 grades went at a time.  It was sunny and warm weather but with a breeze so it wasn't too bad.  Of course, I got burnt though.  Dad used to tease me growing up by calling me "light bulb legs" because I was so white.
(Levi is on the left in the air)
There were bounce houses.
(Hyrum sliding down)
There was also a water game, relay race, and dodge ball.  

At the end of the day, a firetruck came and hosed them all down!
After they were done, I couldn't find Brigham anywhere.  Wouldn't you know, I found him in a mud puddle kicking up mud at his friends.  Once he saw me, he came after me asking...

Yeah, that is pretty much the only time he would willingly hug me...and he did!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Dinosaur Park

Today was Brigham's field trip with the 4th grade classes.  They spent a couple of hours at the Dinosaur Park in Ogden.  There were all kinds of exhibits but he was more interested in looking for fools gold and playing around.
 (Brigham and Keaton)

They really did have some neat exhibits (for as much as I could see).  Hyrum came home today with 3 free tickets to the Dinosaur Museum.  I think the boys and I need to take a trip there this summer to get some of their energy out as well as keep their minds active. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Friday night we went camping with our neighbors, the Yoder family.  It was so nice of them to not only invite us but to feed us some yummy camp food as well as provide a camping trailer.  That is my kind of camping!
We went about 45 minutes from our house, past Ogden canyon and found a beautiful spot in Weber County Memorial Park.
 This was right in front of our camp site.  Beautiful, right?!
I am extremely afraid of heights so I didn't make it very far up.  I was more than willing to come back down and take pictures...until I started seeing the kids getting closer and closer to the top and towards the edges.  It completely freaked me out and I had to turn away and just trust that David would be right beside them making sure they didn't get too close to the edges.
But then it was time to gather wood and set up camp.
 (Breyden and Brigham)
(Justin, Levi, Hyrum, Brigham, Jet, and Breyden)
 I say, who needs mules when we have David and Justin!
 Levi, David, and Brigham put up their tent...well, what was suppose to be their tent.  I ended up sleeping in that tent with David because the boys wanted to sleep together.  Originally I was going to sleep in the trailer but I felt bad because there were only 2 beds in the trailer and Jet and Hyrum really wanted to be together in there.  So I thought it only fair that Justin and Alisha get to stay in there.  I don't know how fair it turned out though because I actually slept great in that tent and Hyrum kept talking in his sleep and moaning in the trailer.  Poor Justin and Alisha!  They kept getting up thinking he was talking to them and had to go to the bathroom but he was really talking in his sleep!  It is funny the things you get used to because Hyrum sleeps in the room right next to David and I and honestly, I rarely hear him doing that in our house.
Alisha, Levi, Breyden and I fixed dinner.  It was the yummiest Hobo meal I have ever had.  I am used to hamburger meat, potatoes, and carrots with some salt and pepper stuffed in tin foil that we would put in the camp fire around the flames.  Alisha, however, had the supplies for the good stuff (chicken, steak, potatoes, carrots, mushroom, butter, and lots of seasoning!).
Later the kids played with glow in the dark bubbles and had more goodies like roasted marshmallows but with chocolate syrup on top.  Alisha totally spoiled us all!
Brigham literally spent hours on this log.  He just sawed, sawed, and sawed.  His energy still amazes me.
 Before we left the next day, everyone but me took one last hike up that neat rock formation.
 This was one of the beautiful scenes that we saw on our way home.

All in all I am really glad we went.  I hate camping.  I really do.  But this was enjoyable.  I loved watching the boys with their friends and just being boys.  I loved being with our friends that have been so good to us.  I loved watching Justin and Alisha watching over my children as much as they did their own.  I loved watching my husband's knowledge of the outdoors.  Just a great campout.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Brigham and Baseball

Wednesday night was Brigham's first game of baseball for the year.  He already had a scrimmage a while ago but we kept getting rained out when the actual games were scheduled.  But Wednesday was a nice day and it was fun to be there.  At least it was for David and I.
 (Brigham is #2 at bat)
I could tell that he wasn't acting like his normal self though.  So after the game I asked him how he was liking it.  He told me that he was getting bored.  I saw that coming and reminded him that he would have to finish off the season and then if he decided not to do it next year that would be fine.
I really don't care that he may not want to keep this up if he really is bored with it but if it is because it is taking his time away from electronics...well, that does not make me happy.  I think it is time for an electronics purge in our house.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hyrum's Performance

Hyrum had an end of year performance at the school yesterday morning.  This isn't a big school so there were only four 1st grade classes performing.  Hyrum was in the front row, so it was easy to watch him.
 They went through each month's theme by singing songs.  It was super cute!
 At the very end they each had their own poster of what made them happy.  Hyrum's was "Having a hail ball fight makes me happy!"  They danced around while the song, "Happy" by Pharrell Williams played.  It was adorable.
Each month, there is something like the above picture hanging outside their classroom.  The teachers put them all together and made a book out of them for us.  This was by far my favorite.  It melts my heart knowing he loves our little family so much.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

Tomorrow is Mother's Day but the boys in my life gave me my gifts early and I LOVED them all!

 Brigham was in a bad mood and didn't want to be a part of the gift giving so that is why he is wasn't in the picture.  I guess that is what happens when you get in trouble for....well, that's besides the point.  Anyways, I loved it!  Levi made his gift for me at school.  Hyrum and Brigham came home with plants that they had been growing at school but Hyrum had to get me something else. It was so cute but heartbreaking at the same time.  Last week, I came in his classroom to volunteer when I saw Mrs. Ballingham showing some of her students a plant.  I said, "Oh, are you guys growing stuff?  How fun!"  Then Hyrum jumps up from his seat and yells, "It's for Mother's Day!"  He soon realized what he had done (spoiled the surprise) and just started crying and crying.  I really felt bad for him so I tried to calm him down by telling him that he could go with Daddy sometime to get me something else that would be a complete surprise to me.  In his hand in the picture is a small angel pin.  The apron I am wearing is from Daddy (or all of them :).  I have been wanting a girlie apron for a while now and I love this one!

Later, we took Hyrum for a ride on his new bike.  Well, it wasn't "new" actually.  Before we moved from Oklahoma a neighbor of ours gave Hyrum this bike but we hadn't gotten training wheels for it until now so today was his first time on it.  He didn't last long on it but it was still cute watching him try.

Friday, May 9, 2014

A little something about me...

A fact about Alisa Adams...

I love to read about near death experiences.  I'm actually quite fascinated with them.  I have read many books on them and even a documentary on it.  I don't care if they are LDS or from other faiths; I just love reading about it.  
Every book has its own story but one thing that I have found to ring true in every one that I have read is how very important love is.  Most of us have heard, "Love your neighbor" all our lives but until I have read these books, I don't think I really got what that commandment meant.  

Hannah has been doing the Beck side of our family history.  I love her so much for this!  I am not a computer person but when I am not at the school with the boys, I can do the physical part of the temple work that my ancestors are waiting for.  

So, yesterday I was at the Bountiful temple with Tricia and asked if she would be proxy for my Great Grandma Niedert (Lola Mae Bunce).  While she did her name, I would do my Great, Great Grandma Beck (Christine Christensen).  So here comes in the near death stuff and loving others.

My Grandpa Beck (Larry) has written down his story for me.  All you ever know about someone sometimes is just what you see or experience yourself.  Until a few years ago, that was me with my Grandpa Beck.  But once he wrote some of his life experiences down for me, I got to know him in a different light.  Through his eyes, I guess you could say.  I remember Grandma Niedert growing up.  I remember thinking she was the sweetest old lady.  I had no idea that this sweet lady had given up my Grandpa Beck and his sister (Donna) to be raised by her mother-in-law (Christine).  Not until my Grandpa was a teenager, did his mother come back in his life.  I can't even imagine the heartache that must have caused my Grandpa.

But I have thought a lot about Great, Great Grandma Beck lately.  Maybe its because I have her rocking chair and see it every day.  But maybe it is because her work needs to be done for her.

So Tricia and I were proxy for these ladies yesterday because I wanted them to be together.  I couldn't help but wonder if Christine has a special place in Lola's heart because she raised her children for her so long ago.

But I also thought selfishly about how I hoped it would benefit me.  I read in a book (Visions of Glory) of a man's, Spencer, journey to the other side.  Spencer believed he was shown that most of our blessings in this life are given through our righteous dead.  He said, "When we pray for a great blessing, need, or healing, Jesus Christ sends our righteous progenitors as ministering angels to deliver the blessing."  

I sure could use those blessings!  And maybe I can return the favor.  Spencer goes on to say, "Deceased family are watching and waiting and guiding us into fulfilling our righteous mortal duties so that we can return and teach and bless them."

Sunday, May 4, 2014

All Kinds of Stuff

There has been much going on since moving into our home.  Nothing big.  But plenty of stuff to keep us busy. 
(David and Levi on one of our neighbor's roof.)
(Levi and David pruning one of our trees/bush)

Levi has been spending a lot of time with Daddy lately.  Usually it seems to be Brigham but Levi has always loved to make things (just like his Daddy) and so with having our own place to do things like that, he has been more than willing to help...right next to Daddy's side.

(The boys playing a new game they got for Christmas.  Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Adams!)
(Kristi and I at a boutique in South Jordan trying on hats.  David is always trying to get me in a hat so I took it for him :)
 My hard working husband fixing the sprinklers after both of us started on our garden.  I have to remind David, sometimes, that he needs to come inside and spend some time with his family but I sure am grateful that no one could ever say that my husband is lazy.
 Here we are in front of a home of one of the members of our church.  The church put together a walk about thing where we all went to 4 different houses to snack outside and get to know everyone better.  I was VERY impressed that this ward is working hard on making sure their church family is unified.