Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend

On Saturday, our neighnors (the Yoder family) invited us to the Alpine Church Easter egg hunt.
(Jet and Hyrum)
(Brigham, Levi, and Braydon doing the typical boy faces)

They got way to much candy but had a blast :)

On Sunday, I wasn't feeling well and David was sore from helping the Yoder family with their roof all day, so we stayed home.  I wanted to make sure that we still celebrated Christ's resurrection though, so after a long nap and just taking it easy most of the day, we headed off to the Beus Pond park in Ogden. 
It was a beautiful day out and we got to see lots of geese and ducks.  We walked around until we found some large rocks to sit down on and had a our own little "church service."  It was simple but I loved it.
After that, David and I hid some candy filled eggs that my Mom and Dad sent the boys.  It was fun having them climb over rocks and stuff to find the eggs.
It was a great and simple day of family time while being reminded of the sacrifice that Heavenly Father allowed to happen through Jesus Christ.  Some friends of ours (The Brennan family) came over and brought us over a house warming gift as well as the Yoder family bringing over Easter treats.  Which I have failed to mention how wonderful the people on our street have been to us during these 2 weeks we have been here in our home.  People have been so friendly and bringing us over fun and yummy things. 

All of us really love where we have moved.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bountiful Rec Center

Yesterday the boys didn't have school and since Brigham had been asking me for a while now to go swimming, I thought we would meet Christine at the South Davis Recreation Center.

Hyrum gladly hung out with Christine in the "lazy river" while I took pictures.
We got there not to long after it opened for the day, so it wasn't very crowded but it didn't take long for that to change.  I think everyone was waiting for the big slide to open up.
(Levi going down the slide)

(Christine holding Hyrum)
(and just a fun girly shot)
We spent a few hours there and then needed to get back so I could get ready to go to a Jewish Temple with a neighbor.  Most know that I am fascinated with different religions.  I love reading about them but I really love to meet different people of the religions more than  anything.  I think it stems from growing up and people "thinking" they knew what a Mormon believed because of what a non-Mormon told them.  So I am cautious about what I read and save the deep stuff for those that are actually in the religion.  So, one of our neighbors is Jewish and asked if I wanted to go to the Jewish temple with her on Friday night.

It was a very small setting but they were so laid back and I wasn't uncomfortable at all.  There was a lot of singing in Hebrew and honestly, it was beautiful.  I felt the Spirit multiple times.  They don't believe that Jesus was their Savior but they have a deep love and respect of God, or Adonai as they say.  I couldn't help but think over and over as they sang that this was Jesus' people.  They may not see Him as their Savior but He was a Jew and therefore he believed as they did, as far as worshiping their God - and His Father.  Just loved it.  So much so that I am definitely going again.  Last night was the ushering in of the Sabbath.  I would love to go again as they close it.  What a perfect way to get ready for Easter, I say.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday, April 11, 2014

Those darn allergens!

On Thursday, I took Brigham to an allergy specialist to get him tested.  The poor kid gets sick so often, which leads to many asthma attacks.  I have wanted him to have this test done for quite some time but knew it was pointless with all the moving around we do.  I knew he needed allergy shots/injections to help with his asthma/allergy/eczema problems.  But he will have to get the injections for 3 years and if we move, it all goes to waste and you have to start all over but now that we have a house and are staying...

Poor kid!  

He was tested for 92 possible culprits that were causing all his medical problems and as you can see, he is allergic to most of them.  72 to be exact!  They kept these oils on his back for 12 minutes and I thought he was going to go mad!  I really felt bad for him.  He itched so bad!

The treatments are NOT cheap and Brigham really  doesn't want to do it but I know this will be so important in changing the way his asthma affects him.  He freaked out when I told him that he would have to have 3 shots twice a week for a while (which is the most that you can get, by the way.  Which means that his allergic reactions to these things were really bad).  He says he is used to getting sick and he is ok with it!  Ha!  

Poor kid.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pinewood Derby

Yesterday, Brigham was in a Pinewood Derby that I wasn't able to go to.  Hyrum had a soccer game so I went with him while Daddy went with Brigham.  It felt really weird missing it.  He got 5th place and was happy about it!

Can you tell the boys are still obsessed with Minecraft???

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Soccer at Rohmer Park

Monday night was Hyrum's first soccer game of the season.  As usual, he didn't play aggressive.  He was pretty much following behind everyone else when it came to getting close to the ball.  He is so cute to watch!  He won't get near the ball unless he is the one starting the kick out.  He has always been a cautious child like that.

 But I did get one of him getting closer to that ball!
One of the things I love about living so close to Hill Air Force Base is that we see jets/planes flying over us all the time.  The game was only about 30 minutes long but I bet we saw 5 or 6 of these tonight.

Goofing Around and Soccer

Monday, April 7.
Rohmer Park

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Our Home

We signed for our house on Friday but couldn't get the keys until Monday night (the previous owners needed more time to move out).  It was hard waiting all weekend and then having to just slowly move in all week but on Friday night, we finally had all the big things in.  We are still unpacking but it feels so good to finally sleep in our home!

We had wonderful volunteers show up from church as well as Helen and Uncle Stephen.
Hyrum is always so cute with Helen.  The older boys say hi and talk a little but are soon off doing something else.  Hyrum, however, sticks around and talks grandma's ear off every time he sees her.
While everyone else went home, Stephen made sure all our beds were up before leaving.  I pray this is the LAST time we put him through another move!
 I found Nico up on top of the shelves in the kitchen with all this dust on his fur. 
I guess the previous owners forgot to dust up there before turning over the keys but that is quite alright.  They took great care of this home and even left a few things for us that we are thrilled about (like a dryer and basketball stand).

Today was the Saturday session of General Conference and it was so wonderful to watch it in our OWN home!  We feel so very blessed.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Beautiful Heartbreaks

We have been slowly moving most of this week.  Today is our big move though, getting all the big stuff.  This has fallen on the week of spring break for the kids and normally I would love to have them home and I's just that it has made it more difficult.  Levi and Brigham have been wonderful about asking if I need help but Hyrum has been quite emotional.  Though I can't blame him since I seem to be just that today. 

So I took the time out to get online to take a quick break and found a comforting article on  It brought things into perspective for me.

"...I realized that this is exactly what life’s experiences are about: life-changing, heart-breaking, soul-wrenching experiences that make us dig deep and open up. Trials and triumphs that expand our emotions, our understanding, and our ability to think, feel and love."

"I hope you will be kinder to your body and self, and to others in the same way. And to more fully appreciate that the “beautiful heartbreaks” that we experience more deeply and meaningfully make us who we need to be."