Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day

I know this is a sad day for most, but this is one of my favorite holidays. I think I like this holiday so much because David and I have a tradition on this day that is different from every one elses. It is OUR tradition. Not one that we are passing down from mine or his parents. While David and I were in college, we were living in Rexburg, Idaho. Our closest relatives were 4 hours away and so we did not have any graves to decorate on this holiday. One Sunday a question of traditions was asked in church. Someone mentioned that they had no family in the area and so they randomly decorated graves. I loved this idea! So David and I decided to make this our tradition but to expound on it. We find children's graves that are not decorated. This year we decided to use pinwheels instead of flowers. I couldn't think of anything more fitting for a child, seeing how fascinated Hyrum is of them right now in his life.
While we were at the cemetery, Grandpa and Grandma showed up. My Grandfather's mother and father are buried here. I never knew my Great Grandma Thatcher. In fact, she died before my mother was born but I knew my Great Grandfather. A story that my family often tells of him involves me. Growing up, I always called my Grandpa Thatcher "Papa." One day while at my Great Grandfathers house, I decided to call him "Little Papa" because he was smaller than my "Papa." Everyone loved that and so Great Grandpa Thatcher became "Little Papa" and Grandpa stayed "Papa."
This is my "Papa" at Great Grandma's grave.

This is at Little Papa's grave.

This is at Shane White's grave. I grew up seeing Shane quite often in our house; usually spending the night with Ronald. He was the friend that never talked but always smiled that great smile of his...usually because we embarrassed him somehow. Sometime after I moved out he moved in with my family. When I would come home to visit this kid wasn't so much a kid anymore and talked back! He was known for his constant milk drinking (Mom would have marked milk in the fridge that Shane could not touch just so that the kids that she babysat would have milk to drink when Shane was around!). He was also known to do anything for money. Even if it was just for a buck! We loved that boy very much. I didn't get to know him as well as the rest of the family because I was gone so much but I did love him. The greatest honor he gave me was to speak at his baptism. Shane died way to early. He had just graduated High School. He had the longest, curly eyelashes you would ever see on a boy. We miss you, Shane.
Dad came with us this year. He taught my boys the real reason behind Memorial day. If you know my father, you know how much he loves this great United States of America. He loves our soldiers and he loves the price they have paid for us in their blood.
This memorial day has been our most memorable one so far.

On the night of the 21st, we (me, Mom, Amanda, and April) started on a 4 day scrapbooking retreat, event, stay.....whatever you want to call it. We call it, heaven! Mom payed for all of us to stay at this home in Tahlequah, Oklahoma that is rented out on the weekends for crazy scrapbookers like us! We shared it with 6 others girls. They fed us and we could scrapbook as early as we wanted and stayed up as late as we wanted. Our wonderful husbands took Daddy duty the whole time without complaining. This is a pictures of Mom's "store." Mom has soooo much scrapbooking stuff that when we need something, we go "shopping" at Mom's store. Of course she left stuff at home but as you can see in this picture, she really does have so much stuff. Thank you, Mom!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Our good friends, the Emro family, were in Oklahoma visiting from New Hampshire last week. I grew up with Becky (far right) but there was quite the difference in age. I actually spent more time with her mom! I used to call her mom, "My best adult friend!" Well, after I got married and was in college with David, Becky came up to Rexburg for school. She lived with us briefly and before we knew it she was married to Ron. Then we got to do the "couples" things with her and Ron and I just grew to really love this sweet woman. We graduated school before they had any children and so when they came to visit in Oklahoma I was thrilled that our kids would get to play and we would get to do stuff together.
This is Becky's sister, Jolayne, whom I also didn't "really" get to know until college. I'll never forget those times she came over to play with my boys. She was so cute with them! We took this picture because she made this flower hat for Allie and just happened to be there this Sunday at church with matching flowers in both her hair and Ellie's (Becky's daughter) hair.

The following day they, along with their brother Max, came over for Family Home Evening. We had a lesson on baptism, which is what Brigham and I are doing in this picture.
After we put the kids to bed we played some games. I love these pictures because it shows just how much fun we really had. The first game we played was so simple but we all loved it. We crossed our hands over the arm of our neighbor. The object was to keep our hands, in order, hitting the table in one consistent direction...with, of course, the occasional switch up! :)

The following night we all met up at the Rib Crib in Grove to have one last evening together. Our poor waitress!

Jolayne, Becky, April, Alisa, and Amanda

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rooster Dave

I was coming home, about a week ago, and found my husband chasing a rooster with his bike! Sometimes he is such a kid! He ended up scaring the poor thing up in a tree and so I made him leave it alone. Well, the other day me, David, the boys, and cousins were down in the back room. April comes in and announces that there is a rooster in the yard. David jumps right up and off he goes. The kids are getting a kick at watching him go after this rooster. Next thing I know, he's holding the thing! As he was coming up to the back door I said, "DAVID! If you get the bird flu......" Now, April is as bad as any boy when it comes to this stuff so she and the kids were all petting this rooster that I was imagining pecking their little hands off. But this rooster was amazingly calm. Then David says, "You see this circle by his eye? If you rub it, the rooster will be calm." I'm thinking, "What does he think? He's a rooster whisperer or something?!" But sure enough this rooster was closing its eyes slowly like he was falling asleep or something! Now, you have to understand that I have been around enough roosters and chickens in my own day and let me tell you, Roosters are not nice! I worked in a chicken house when I was 15. Those things come running at you with full speed while your back is turned and peck your legs. I had many a "rooster bruises" that summer. It hurt! So I couldn't believe that this city boy knew stuff about chickens and such. But later he reminded me of his summers spend with his cousins, Becca and Johnny, on Aunt Suzies farm. It was one of those moments when you have been married for years and find out something about your spouse that you never knew before. David.....the Rooster Whisperer!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I really don't like this picture of me but it shows David's love for me. This man makes me feel so needed and wanted.....and rescuses me when life is so very heavy on my heart. He took me away earlier this week to Branson, MO. Thanks to loving parents, grandparents, sisters, in laws, uncle (....well, you get the picture) we were able to do this without the boys. I am very blessed! Isn't Branson beautiful!?!

We went horseback riding for an hour. It was my first time, other than the childhood experiences of being put on a horse for a second or too. Of course, I was very sore for a few days! It was so peaceful, though, as we were riding through this heavenly forrested land. My thoughts often wandered to Joseph Smith and his experience in such a beautiful place. It was worth every second of the pain afterwards.
David has tried to get me to wear ball caps for years. I have never liked the way they looked on me but he has continued over the years to put his hats on me. I just can't do it. But I saw this hat, "CHOCOLATE: here today...gone today" and thought that I might have found a hat that I would actually wear! It was even 40% off...but I'm to much of a cheapo and didn't wear it because I knew I wouldn't wear it again, most likely. It made for a good picture, though!

Our last stop was to honor the hat...."Russell Stover" baby! I heard the chocolate angels sing as I opened that door to this devine place. Mmmmm...the samples......

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Now that we are here, there have been lots of get togethers. Mom thanked David during this particular one. She finally has all her grandbabies in the same place! Chuck and I are not in the picture and Ronald lives in Utah.....just give it time!
Everytime I come home, my high school friends get together for dinner/lunch before I leave. I'm not leaving this time but we still had to do it! Me, Val, Robyn, and Pounce (Misty....yes, she will always be Pounce to me!)

I love my Niki!!!

Me, Brandy, and can't even tell Brandy is pregnant and I think she is due in about a month in this picture!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My college friends and I like to get together every once in a while; usually at a restaurant. Here we are at The Cheesecake Factory in Murray, Utah. I love getting with them because we get laughing about our college days and then I don't feel so old! I miss laughing with you so much! This was taken a few days before we left for Oklahoma.
David got "let go" from his job on my birthday....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! But I still had a wonderful birthday because I got to say goodbye to my dear friend, Christine. She was like a second mother to Levi when we were living in Rexburg. She loved him so much and it melted my heart to see how much another person can love someone elses child. I will always love her for that.
We met at the Melting Pot in Salt Lake City. It is a fondue restaurant. It is expensive but such a fun experience....I still don't understand why we like to pay a lot of money for food we have to cook ourselves! Crazy Americans! :) Here's a picture to show the "tree" that they put in my meal!
Grandma with her grandbabies. Abbie and Hyrum are just a few months apart in age.
When Grandpa came to visit, he took off his boots by the front door. Hyrum quickly used the opportunity to get to know Grandpa in a different way! It puts on a whole new meaning to "walk in someone's shoes" doesn't it?!
Kieran and Brigham dancing.
Uncle David is always a big hit when it comes to play time!
Before we left, we tried to get as much family and friend time in as we could. With such a quick move, though, there were many that we did not get to say goodbye to in person. We love our family and friends so much though and miss you dearly.