Sunday, January 27, 2013

Shovel Time

So the boys have been loving all this snow, to play in it of course, but also because they get paid to remove the snow.  However, Brigham and Levi actually owed me money because of some books that I bought them.  Levi was up to helping with the snow, but suddenly when I mentioned to Brigham that whatever money they made would go right back to me...yeah, suddenly, he didn't want to help.  In fact, he actually told me that I "didn't have any proof" that he owed me money.  Oh my goodness, he is a STINKER!
So, of course he is complaining most of the time that he is out there (listen to him on the video) but then he redeemed himself.  Some people across the street got stuck and Brigham came up to me and said, "Shouldn't we be helping them?"  I was so proud of him!  Daddy wasn't home at the time but Brigham went right over there and started shoveling. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Still Saying Goodbye!

So today was a very busy day for our family.  We had to get things in order to get our van registered before we left, which led to it not passing safety and emissions test...blah, blah, blah...there will be a new car in our future.  Life really is about one thing happening after another, isn't it?!
But before all that craziness, I met Christine in Farmington to get pedicures.  She wanted us to do this for my birthday but since I won't be here in March she treated me to an AmAzInG relaxing morning.

After our heavenly pedicures (I'm a sucker for anyone rubbing my feet), she took us to get gelato.  I had never had this Italian version of ice cream before, well, mainly because I'm not a huge ice cream fan.  But wow, this stuff is so creamy.  I was just going to put the above picture of Christine's cute feet on here but then she made this adorable face and it had to go on the blog!
 Then came the craziness of the car situation but we were able to break away to have dinner with the Brennan family.  David and I always just laugh and really enjoy the time we get with Ben (Bin) and Laurel but I always really get a kick out of the boys playing with their 3 girls.  
Brigham was groaning about there only going to be girls at this gathering tonight but just as always, we ended up finding him playing with them in the end.  
Dora (I'll never call her by her first name :) and Hyrum loved play fighting most of the night.
So, another fun filled day with old friends.  Looking forward to our future in California but excited for the day we return to see all our dear friends again.

Tomorrow David will be with his best friend growing up.  He passed away September of 2011 and so he is going to visit Jered's mother (David's second mother, growing up) and return home with some of his ashes.  I imagine he longs even more for the day when he will get to see Jered again.  What a reunion that will be.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Saying Goodbye

Tricia and I wanted to have one last night out before we moved to California but I didn't tell the boys that she was coming over.
 I LOVE THIS PICTURE!  It really shows just how happy they were to see Tricia.  My boys have always loved the Wilson family-that can't be denied.
 But then they heard a knock at the door.  Levi went and answered it and there was Preston!  They had WAY too much fun tonight...or so I hear.  I wouldn't know because once Daddy got home, Tricia and I were outta there!
 I am not a meat fan but I really do love the smothered pulled beef burritos at Costa Vida.  I am soooooo going to miss this place...I mean, Tricia...
 But seriously, who wouldn't miss this girl.  Always thinking of others, thus this gift basket full of goodies and activities to keep the boys entertained on our trip next week.
Once again, one of the many angels in Earthly skin that the Lord has blessed us with along the many travels in our lives.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fast Friends

(Annie, Alisa, Heather, and Mandy)
There are times in my life, like tonight, where I am reminded just how much the Lord loves Alisa Adams.  With so many moves, college, high school, work, church, you name it, I have been blessed with an amazing amount of good friends.    

I go through hard times, like these last few months with this house, and forget just how much the Lord loves me.  He loves me so much that no matter where we move, good and trusting friends have been made.  He can't physically be here with me and so he sends these physical Earthly angels my way.  It never fails...everywhere we move!

So, I was at Peggy's house the other day crafting with some girls from church when Annie finds out that we have been living in boxes for weeks now (since we were told constantly that we were "signing papers" today/tomorrow!).  Peggy felt bad and was sending me home with a frozen dinner she had made.  Not long after that, I get a call from Annie telling me that our family will have a dinner delivered to us by the women in our ward, every night until we move.

I can't help but feel as if I don't deserve it but I sure am grateful for these dear women who have walked in and out of my life (ok, so maybe it was me walking/moving out!).  What wonderful examples of love, service, and just plain fun these fast friends have shown me.
(Alisa, photo-bomber Brigham, and Peggy)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Gypsy Family

The Gypsy Family (duh, duh, duh, duh...snap, snap)

Dad once called us gypsies and after our latest news, I have decided we should take on the name.  Forget the Ad(d)ams Family theme song!

Our newest adventure?  Tracy, California!  

David and I recently had our 11th wedding anniversary and this will be our 12th move...though, we could add that one time we moved from one apartment downstairs to another one.

I have so much to record for my family.  I want you to look at this one day and know without a doubt that I know that the Lord's hand can be in some situations where, at the time, they seemed more as if you were being punished for some unknown sin you were committing.  Or maybe you chose a path that wasn't in tune with what the Lord wanted, yet you were sooooo sure He had guided you in the path you went.  

Just be patient.

Our journey with this house started about 4 months ago, I think.  It has been a ridiculous roller coaster ride as one thing after another has fallen through for us.  After picking up those "things" out of what seemed like terribly deep cracks, we would fix the situation just to find something else that was hindering the process.  I don't want to record all those things because quite frankly, I'm tired.  I'm exhausted, actually. 

I do want to record what happened Friday, however because it has strengthen me tremendously.  Things fell through with this house that we are living in (one of our many challenges.  Apparently, it is against Utah housing laws to buy a house that has changed hands within a certain period of time.  We would have been the 4th hand to buy this house in a six month period) so we found another house and was ready to close on it.  Last Friday was one of the MANY closing dates that have come our way just to be pushed ahead to a further time.  You see, we had to sign on Friday in order to not have to pay another months rent in this house we are staying in.  In order to push things along (like we could do anything about it!) to make us buy the house sooner, they had us sign a contract that would allow the owners to raise our rent $100.00 each month.  This month, we were up to $1,300.00.  Yep, ridiculous!

I'm angry, hurt, and frustrated on Friday night because I have been the "cheerleader" in this house for months now.  There are sooooo many times when David has had to lift me up in my depression (in the past) but throughout this whole house process, I just haven't faltered.  It has been him who has been so hard to have faith, this time.  I have continued to remind him of our promptings and to just have faith.

But on on Friday, in my anger, I asked David, "What is the use in having faith when it is all just the Lord's will in the end?!"  It made no sense to me why He would allow this signing date to be pushed back, once again, just so we would have to pay another months rent.  Money we didn't have mind you, because of all the expenses we have had to pay for this house crap!

By Saturday, I wasn't angry anymore but I was definitely numb to it all and just didn't care.   Monday rolls around and it didn't surprise me one bit when our mortgage guy calls and says that we won't sign until Tuesday.  Whatever.

But Monday afternoon, David's boss calls him and tells him he needs to see him the following morning.  In construction, you are always nervous about the next layoff.  Though Utah is doing amazingly well with building right now, you just never know.  There is a saying in construction that, "You are only as good as your last project."  David's last project, well, he was the man!  I know it is bragging but he helped save that project.  The project he is on right now, though, he is struggling to find his place.  He has tried and tried but with all the stress he has been enduring with this house thing and having to leave early from work to fix these "house things, " he hasn't left the best impression. 

So we were definitely nervous about this meeting.  I told him to call me immediately when he got in his car after the meeting.  He calls me at around 7:30 a.m. and tell me that he can either take unemployment or go to California!  Ha!  David was more than a little irritated by the news while I was just grinning ear to ear.  

It finally made sense!  The Lord's hand was in it the whole time!  If we would have bought this house, can you imagine how hard it would be to rent it out while we were gone?  And who knows what the renters might do to it.  Or the boys and I would have had to stay behind in our new home while David would only get to fly home every few weeks to see us for a weekend.  There is just no way I could  have handled that.  I have friends who have gone that route before, and while they did just fine, I can proudly admit that I am just not that cool!  I need my husband!  I am just not that strong to do it all alone.

So here we are, in our new chapter in life.  David now sees the wisdom in it all and feels extremely blessed that we have this opportunity to grow and gain more experience.

So, here we come future...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Old Friends

I got to spend a few hours with an old friend today :)
I met Kyla Bodily and her family in Rexburg, Idaho.  Our families lived in the same apartment complex, went to the same family ward, both had one child, and both our husbands were in school...needless to say, we became quick friends!  I spent many a walks with her and our little ones as we got to know each other better and better.  She was such a good example to me of a patient mother, wife, and love of life.

Her husband eventually graduated and they left for dental school but 9 years later, we met up at Sage's Cafe, in Salt Lake City for lunch.  Ever since moving here and changing my eating habits, I have wanted to try an organic vegetarian restaurant.  I got my wish today and it was AMAZING!  Seriously, I want another pesto sandwich right now!

Anyways, I was reminded today at lunch just why I loved Kyla so much.  She is still an inspiration to me of a dedicated mother.  Without going into details, she deserves all the admiration I am giving to her and I am truly grateful she shared her life with me today as I was reminded that we all have our trials.  No one is picked on.  

We all suffer.  We all learn.  We all witness blessings.  And we all will go through them over and over no matter how much we think we are done with this ever-going circle in life.

And you know what?  That's ok.  It just makes those blessings (when they finally come around) all the more sweeter.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


We had a big snowstorm come in on Thursday.  On Friday, the kids got a snow day from school.  I didn't even know they had snow days in Utah!  Utah is so used to snow and has all the equipment needed to keep the roads safe so I never thought I'd see the day that the kids would get out of school here.  Now, in Oklahoma, I can remember us joking, growing up, that at the first sign of a snowflake, they were getting the buses ready to take us all home!

Hyrum was sad there was no school but the older boys, of course, were thrilled.  David and I payed them a few dollars to get the snow off the walkway and porch and they were glad to do it!
 A few days later and here we are with melting snow and icicles....
 ....which can only lead to....


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Levi Hancock

Levi Hancock
Last weekend, David was reading the Ensign (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint's magazine) when he came across an article in this month's magazine titled, Revelations of God.  It briefly spoke of Levi Hancock's sacrifices for Heavenly Father, and His plans for Levi.
David showed me this and we were both excited to see this.  We were so excited because this is David's ancestor, as well as our Levi's namesake.

All our boys are named after Mormon pioneers and while Brigham and Hyrum's namesakes are often mentioned at church, Levi Hancock has never been mentioned during a time that Levi has been at church.  Even at home, Levi Hancock probably isn't mentioned as much as Hyrum Smith or Brigham Young.  Sometimes we will watch a movie or read a book with a character in the movie portraying Brigham and Hyrum.  I will make it a point to get all excited and remind the boys who they were named after.  You see, when David told me that he wanted his first son to be named after Levi Hancock, and I realized the man that Levi Hancock was, it became VERY important to me that all my children were named after someone who led a great and righteous life while on this Earth.

We have had Levi Hancock's journal in our home for as long as I can remember but I have never read it.  Seeing his name in the Ensign made me realize that I haven't spent enough time reminding our Levi who he was named after.  I read a little introduction speaking of Levi Hancock's life and then built a Family Home Evening on it.

Since then I have been fascinated with Levi Hancock.  I just finished reading his journal and I knew that I had to get on here and record for my Levi, what a wonderful man he was named after.  I hope he refers to this often, as a grown man, to remember who he is to honor.  
Levi Hancock was born in 1803 in Massachusetts.  He was one of the first to join Christ's modern day church in 1830.  He held many "high" callings within the church but as I read about his life, those callings seemed to be of little importance compared to what he accomplished and who he was.

Some of the things that I absolutely loved learning about him is that he served his mission in Missouri (one of the states that David served his mission), was a cabinet maker (just as David loves to build things with wood), and Patriarch.  The last is so special to me because of the blessings that David has given me.  He gives such meaningful blessings from our Heavenly Father.  And I know that I am not the only one who see's this.  I have had a number of people comment to me how grateful they were that he was so "in tuned" with the spirit after giving such a wonderful blessing.  My sister, April, told me once that she could see David becoming a Patriarch one day.  

I write all this down because  not only is our Levi a spitting image of his Daddy, but he is also very much tempered like him.  If Levi is anything like his Daddy, then he will be much like his namesake. Levi is in love with me and wants to be near me all the times.  Just tonight, while everyone else was out in the living room watching TV or playing on the DS, he was in my bedroom with me.  I didn't ask him to come in there.  I was finishing reading Levi Hancock's journal but Levi just had to be on the bed with me because he "just wanted to spend time" with me.  He gives me way to much credit than I deserve, just like his Daddy.  He is very touchy feely like Daddy.  A junior David Adams, my son is.

Some things that I want Levi to remember from Levi Hancock's journal:

Levi was on a mission when he and his companion came to a town where they were approached by a man who informed them that if they were not gone by the following morning, that "the public" would have "something to reveal to you, far beyond the Book of Mormon."  Levi and his companion had an appointment to meet with some farmers the following day, however, they decided to stay.  They preached to these farmers while some men from "the public" came to the meeting.  After the meeting, Levi Hancock walked up to the men and said, "My father fought for liberty you now enjoy and you want to deprive me of the liberty that rightly belongs to me.  I am a son of the only man who survived the great struggle for independence, who belonged to the family, and I am a cousin to the first man who signed the Declaration of Independence.  Now if you want to reveal anything to me, come on, I am ready."  
Some of those same men, were later baptized into the church.

Levi Hancock loved the prophet Joseph Smith.  So much so, that he was a body guard to him at one point.  He spoke of how badly Joseph was treated at times.  He said, "...I did all I could do to hold up that good man.  My heart would ache for him.  He had to stand against thousands of his pretended friends seeing to overthrow him.  It was terrible the abuse he suffered."  This could not describe my Levi more!  Levi can not handle seeing someone who is hurting.  I have often seen tears in his eyes as Hyrum cried or when I am upset.

Levi Hancock died in 1882 after being one of the pioneers who settled Manti, Utah.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Video, Video, Video

How many times can 3 hyper boys say video while tumbling down stairs?