Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Should I title this, "For The Love of Ramen Noodles?"

I wish I had something awesomely amazing to journal about.  But the past bit has been the typical early months of a new year in winter.  Nothing real bad or terribly exciting.  Just trying to stay away from sicknesses and enjoying the snow.  But since it has been almost a month since I've journaled anything, maybe I'll share a few pictures.
Ruger got to participate in a "preschool" type setting  that Maddie had in one of her classes.  It was all in one classroom, for about 30 minutes, for 2 days.  They had little stations but as you can imagine, for Ruger it was just him running from one place to the next...literally.  The boys in the class thought he was the coolest kid (and they vocally said so on more than one occasion).  They tried to get his attention over and over but Ruger was just in his own little world discovering new things.  Well, he made time for Maddie.  Because it's Maddie.

Speaking of Maddie.  I usually pick up the older boys from school.  It is a bit of a walk home and in the snow and ice, well, I'd rather pick them up.  With Ruger and I in the van, it only leaves room for 5 other seats.  Obviously Levi and Brigham will have a seat.  And Clayson is Brigham's best friend....and Maddie's my favorite....sooooo it only leaves room for one other kid.  I have to set aside "times" for the other kids to get a ride home.  I have up to 5 kids asking for that extra seat every time I pick up.  

Well, Maddie gets the seat next to Ruger.  Every time.  One day the extra seat was for Quincy.  He was the first to make it to the car, got in, and sat down in Maddie's seat.  Oh, I wish I could have gotten the look, in picture, of Ruger's nasty look he gave Quincy!  Then he tried to hit him and kept saying, "A Maa, A Maa!"  Finally, Quincy got up and got in the back.

Peggy and I had a night out with dinner and a fancy-shmancy orchestra concert. 
Ruger has had croup TWICE this year already.
Hence, Daddy giving in to him and letting him eat Ramen noodles straight out of the package...yeah, pretty sure the "nutrients" found in Ramen noodles aren't helping.

Which makes me think of one of my old roommates.  I was living in Utah when my Mom came out for a surgery I was having.  One day she walked into the kitchen and saw my roommate, Mary Beth, eating uncooked Ramen noodles.  My mom said to her, "Honey, I'll gladly cook you dinner!"  Hahahahaha!  Mary Beth laughed and assured her that she liked eating them uncooked.