Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ok, so I'm still getting used to this blog thing and can't seem to get my pictures in the right order...yeah, I can hear you laughing!

Along the way to Oklahoma, we tried to entertain the boys as best as we could. All in all, I really think that they enjoyed most of it.

Our before and during pictures of one of our trailers...driving in snow isn't the funnest thing in the world!

David is so proud of his "redneck broom" he decided to stick in the back! I hate to admit it but it came in handy during the trip.

In the past when we have drove to Oklahoma, poor Brigham has had to deal with his asthma along the way. Usually he makes it to Oklahoma but once we get there he is very sick and ends up in the emergency room. The last time we traveled there we didn't make it very far before we had to make an ER visit along the way. My wonderful grandparents (Thatcher) decided that was not going to happen again so they bought us this portable breathing treatment machine to take along on our trips. It was a life saver during this LONG trip!

Along the way in Texas, we found this place off the interstate that had all kinds of sculptures of Jesus as he was traveling, with the cross, to be crucified. It was amazing to me that this man did this for all to see; for free. Just to remind us. This picture is of my favorite part. It was so peaceful here at the waters. To the side of the statue were some steps that led to the water. We are pretty sure they used this area for baptisms.

On our trip we had snowstorms all around us. At one point we got stuck in this small town in New Mexico. They closed the interstate and we had to stay the night (our hotel room that night was not the cleanest in the world but we felt blessed considering that the town had to open up their high school gym to others that were trying to pass through and had no place to stay). The next day we waited for hours in a long line of trucks to get back on the road. While trying to pass the time, David thought of the idea to pick up trash. What a good example that man is to our children!

Getting started...

I just want to say how much I love you all! With everyone bugging me to get this blog thing going, well, it has made me feel loved. I have pushed this thing aside for a while now because in my mind, this is like a journal. If I'm going to write in a journal, well, it better be saved! I thought this blog stuff was just lost in cyberspace but apparently you can print these things off like books (Thanks Kristi!). So now I am going to be killing two birds with one stone here (such a terrible saying, huh?!). I can keep in touch with you all AND get caught up on my journals at the same time. And why not start this off with our recent move to Oklahoma!