Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Police tour with the cub scouts

Last night was Brigham's cub scout activity at the local police station. These boys can get kind of rowdy at our meetings but I have to say that they did quite well last night. As you can see, Levi came along and I'm glad that he did because last year he didn't get to do this part of his "Go See It" part of his Tiger Cub requirements. The boys first run in with the law.....and it better be their last!
As you can imagine, the boys favorite part was getting to go inside the cop car and turn on the lights and sirens.
Last week as we were heading into Brigham's cub scout meeting, he told me that he needed a drink and that he needed to go to the bathroom but that he had learned his lesson from last time. Last time, apparently, he got a drink and then went to the bathroom only to have to get another drink because he peed all his previous water out (the water that he had just drunk right before going to the bathroom)! It was fun trying to convince him that it didn't quite work like that.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow fun part two!

The Roberts Family invited us to come over this afternoon and go sledding on their property....WHAT A VIEW! Levi and Brigham were in sled heaven!
Brigham, Renee, and David racing.

Brigham and Drake got a ride from David and Hyrum.

Still not sure if Daddy or the little boys had the most fun this afternoon!

Let the snow fun begin!

I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR! I have always loved the snow but since I have gotten older and am on medication that makes me hot all the time, I love the cold weather even more now. Living in Oklahoma isn't the most ideal for me, weather wise, so when it actually snows I'm in heaven! School was out and work was out of the picture so I get to enjoy the snow today with my family! Here is part one of today! The first thing Hyrum did was dig out his bike!
Nothing like a Daddy motor!

The classic snow angel.

And most importantly, TEAM WORK!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Family Home Evening with Just Dance 2!

The boys got a Wii for Christmas from Uncle Chuck (a million thanks!) and as much as it bugs me when something new comes out in technology and how society gets all wrapped up in it, I have to admit that this one I really like! You can play it as a family and it gets you active...a family game that gets you sweating. I love it! So, tonight for FHE we played against each other in this dancing game. It was so cute to watch Bitty try to do it! I think it might of been his first time ever playing the Wii. I don't know how many times we thought Brigham was going to take him out (as you will see in this video)! It was such a fun FHE!

Family Home Evening with the Wii

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A big day

Today turned out to be quite the big day for our family. Baby Spencer was blessed, I was set apart in my new calling, Hyrum graduated from Nursery and is now a Sunbeam and in the primary, and Levi was baptized and given the gift of the Holy Ghost. Levi's baptism was put together very quickly, only deciding on the date and details on Wednesday night. Today was such a wonderful day at church but that is not to say that there weren't a few bumps in the road before the actual baptism began.
After sacrament, David went to go through one of the closets to find the baptism jumpers. He approached me later and told me that he and Podge were going to go to Wal-Mart to try and find something white. I'm really trying not to freak out, as you can imagine. I mean, I had just been set apart for my calling in Young Women. The spirit was strong there as even the man who was giving the blessing was getting chocked up. It was one of the neatest experience that I've had with being set apart for a calling. So I was trying to hang on to that feeling as I was trying not to freak out about my son possibly being baptized in a robe or something. One comfort that I had was that as much as I love my husband, he is terrible at finding things. I knew there was a good chance that there was a jumper in that closet but Sunday School was going on right then when he was telling me this and of course the closet is located in the room that the class is going on in. Now that I'm thinking about it, we should have just went in there and looked. I mean seriously, if someone would get offended about us disrupting a class for a few minutes just to save us from breaking the Sabbath and having to head to Wal-Mart, well, there is something wrong where are priorities are in this branch. But do you think I considered that? Nope! I was too worried about offending all those people and it never even crossed my mind or those around me to go in there as we were discussing what to do. OH, the things that you will rationalize when you are starting to get a little freaked out. Anyways, we headed to Wal-Mart and of course there are no white pants or sweat bottoms but we did find white thermal underwear.....in the little girls department! We were laughing as Podge joked about Levi getting baptized in women's underwear (I was bent down picking up one of these sets of thermal underwear) when I went to get up and didn't realize until it was a little to late that I was stepping on my skirt and yep, you guessed it, I had to pick either to fall over or save myself and continue to rise up but would have to expose myself! Luckily, the 2 very good gentlemen that I were with both grabbed me just in time before I fell and all I have to say is that it was a good thing I had a one piece slip on! Of course, this could be a lesson on not shopping at Wal-Mart on the Sabbath!
So, we get back to the church and of course David finds the jumper once Tricia helps him. Ah, the experience makes for a good story!
The baptism was so perfect. I really don't think that it could have went any better. I am so proud of him for making the choice that he made today. Just as Poppy (Beck) spoke of, it is not the need to be baptized that is of most importance but of the steps that we take, in the correct order, to get us back to Heavenly Father. Levi is still so innocent in so many ways. I feel I need to be baptized almost daily with all that I mess up on but taking this 8 year old boy doesn't seem to make so much sense. He really is such a good boy who impresses me more than I deserve. But I also know that an example has been set to return to our Father in Heaven. I'm so proud of my Levi for taking this step. Hyrum's big step today was leaving nursery and going into Primary. Poor Brother Bridges! The little girl in the polka dots was visiting but add 2 other boys to the mix here and that is the usual for Brother Bridges. This man is a saint for doing this every week! Just look at Brigham's face! This picture does not do justice for this man who tries his hardest to keep these boys in line. Now we are adding a little boy who isn't potty trained into the mix!
Since Levi was getting baptized today, I had my camera on hand. During Sacrament meeting, Levi got up to go to the bathroom. He seemed to be taking a long time so I got up to check on him. Sure enough, he was hiding in the entry way leading to the bathroom with Preston. I laughed at him because it was so unlike him and they were both giggling like the tiniest of little boys and as you can imagine, that just encouraged him more. I went to go find David, who had went into the hallway to calm Hyrum down, when I realized I had lost the boys again. This is what I found!
I sure do love boys!