Saturday, December 31, 2016

Let's end this year with pictures!

I thought I would put some pictures on here that I found on my phone before the year ends.
It is very hard to get an actual smiling picture from the 2 older boys.
This picture of them after haircuts is a little more natural.
Ruger has had a couple of haircuts but this time he got the "short" cut.  He sat still as long as he had that sucker in his mouth.
Ruger met Santa, but most importantly he got a candy cane so that he would sit still long enough for me to take a picture.  As you can see, food is very important to this little boy.  He lovingly calls food "a-mun-a."  We still haven't figured out where that came from.
Hyrum had a choir performance.
He and his best friend, Brooklyn, had to pose for pictures afterwards.
Nanny and Poppy read on the blog that Ruger didn't like being in his high chair so look what surprise we got in the mail today?!  

I want to end this with a little end of the year gratitude.  

I'm truly grateful for my blessings.  They are hard to see sometimes.  That is the reality of life.  You know how I wrote about my rash a few months ago?  It's been a battle.  I've had new things pop up, like sores in my mouth and on my tongue that I literally could not eat solid food for days with.  Random bruises that just popped up out of nowhere.  So tired.  Headaches and blurred vision.  There were times when I worried and times that I was just tired of it all.  But David was so kind through the whole thing.  Doing his best to take care of me.  And the boys helped with Ruger so much.  I was just so exhausted most of the time.  So even though it has been a rough few months, I can't deny the blessings that I was able to see once I looked for them.  I pray that I continue to do that this coming year.  I may not be able to control what is going on with my body right now but I can control the amount of emotional drama I put out for others to have to deal with.

I'm also grateful for extended family that continue to show love for us.  Little things like the seat for Ruger to sit with us at the table was sent because my parents read this blog.  I know my grandparents and Uncle read it faithfully.  I think that Grandma and Grandpa Adams do too.  I know they used to.  Grateful for random funny texts from April.  I miss her.  We all communicate in different ways and that is ok.  I'm not a big phone person but I try to send mail.  I keep this updated.  So I'm really grateful for things like this blog that keeps family connected.  

I'm grateful to hear my children laugh and talk.  Really talk to each other.  Usually silly things but I'll take it!  I love seeing Levi pick up Ruger and take him downstairs with him without me asking him to play with him.  I love the vents in our house that makes it easy to hear Levi and Brigham laugh at night right before they fall asleep (And man, does Levi have a deep voice!  It sounds almost like the TV is on downstairs.  You know, that sound that you feel in the walls?  Yeah, that's it.).  I'm grateful to see Brigham randomly show something to Hyrum on his phone and them just cracking up like its the funniest thing they have ever seen.  I'm grateful for Ruger's random kisses and when he actually says, "Mom!" Because we all know it is usually "Da" or "Brudder."

I am so incredibly grateful that David still loves me.  I am nothing like what he married 15 years ago.  For that I am grateful and sorry.  Grateful I have had the many opportunities to learn things with him.  To love each other through it all.  To witness miracles together and tender moments.  But I'm also sorry I don't give as much to him as he does me.  I do try.  Some people just serve others better.  I do random things for others without being asked.  And I do likewise with David but he just seems to be better at it.  So sincere.  I'm truly grateful for that.  So grateful for the example that he sets for me and the boys.

I'm grateful to see how much David loves his children.  How time and age have deepened that need to care for them.  To protect.  The need he clearly has for them to understand gospel principles but more importantly that they are safe here in our home.  I am coming to see more and more how important that is because that is when things can be taught and received.  I'm grateful that I had the example of my father to know what to look for in a man.  I'm grateful that he looked to his Father in Heaven as a role model.  I see the same in my husband.  I pray each of my sons do the same.'s to a new year.  A new year to continue to grow, learn, and see many blessings.


The Bass Family Pond said...

The boys are so cute and growing to fast (especially Levi) Great family Alisa, you and David are doing a great job, I wish you all a very happy Year for 2017. Love you...

David Adams said...
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David Adams said...

Love You! ~Alisa