Saturday, December 24, 2016

Levi's 14!

On the 20th Levi turned 14.  My boy who towers over all his guy friends his age.  Funny how some of his "girl" friends are his height but not the boys.  Puberty.  And this kid's neck is killing me.  When did his adams apple get so huge?

But back to his birthday.

We picked up him and his friends from school and brought them back to the house.
 It's so fun to watch the boys grow.  How different they are.  How much I didn't expect things to turn out the way they are.  Like Levi and his "girl" friends.  He invited more girls than he did guys.  Which isn't that surprising now that I watch him.  Every time I pick him and Brigham up from school, Levi is walking with girls.  Every time.  Usually just girls. 
I wanted to get this picture in here too.  I was real proud of Brigham that day.  I know he wanted to go so badly with Levi and his friends (later to the movies) but I needed him to stay home for when Hyrum came home from school.  He was clearly disappointed but he did it without attitude.
 But before they left, we had cake and opened presents.
David, Ruger, and I went to the mall with the kids.  We bought their tickets and told them to behave :)  Then I had to let go of my need for David to go with them (no way am I watching a Star Wars movie!).  David and I stayed at the mall and let Ruger run around.  We ran into some friends from church and before we knew it we were taking kids home.

It was a good birthday for him, I think.  He really seemed to enjoy himself.  It was fun watching him interact with his friends.

He is a good boy.  A real good boy.

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The Bass Family Pond said...

This is the one I thought that Levi was growing up too fast, Handsome young man! ")