Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas 2016

Christmas Eve came as we enjoyed each others presence and gifts, of course :)
 Grandma and Grandpa wanted to know what to get the boys this year but I suggested that they give them money so that G&G didn't have to pay so much in shipping with gifts.  The boys were a shocked to get to so much money!
I think Brigham's favorite gifts were the headphones and multicolored mouse he got from Nanny and Poppy.
Ruger lasted long enough to open one present before he was off.  Later I found him playing with Nico with a ribbon that was from the one gift that he opened.

I wasn't able to get it in a picture but Uncle Chuck got the boys an XBox One.  They, of course, loved it!  And as always, even his game for it was the biggest hit.

They also got presents form Grandma Helen as well as Grandpa and Grandma Adams.  I'm truly grateful for all the gifts that were sent this Christmas.  It made me think of years past.  Especially while in college.  What family sent was what made the gift giving part of Christmas happen for the boys.  David and I are in a different financial place now but the memory was still there as I watched the boys open all these gifts from afar.
Nanny made each of the boys a blanket.  I kept them in the big boxes that they were sent in so as they were opening them they were excited to find out what they were (being in such a huge box).  I was concerned what the 2 older boys' response would be, well, they are 12 and 14 years old and most their age really don't care about a blanket.  So I warned them that it probably wasn't what they thought they were and secretly was grateful that Nanny wasn't here to watch them open them.  But to my surprise they instantly talked about how soft they were.  David mentioned that Nanny made them herself and that it took a lot of time to do it.  Brigham exclaimed, "Nanny made these?!"  
I was seriously proud of their responses. 
After everyone else's gifts were opened we finally were able to get Ruger to calm down long enough to open the rest of his.
Ruger's favorite show right now is Masha and the Bear and Octonauts.  Nanny and Poppy got him stuffed animals from Masha and the Bear.  Ruger took one look at Bear and said, "Tiddy!"  Tiddy (kitty) is what he calls all animals.  It doesn't matter if its a dog or a horse.  They are all tiddys.  Oh, and all things that fly are bees.
We had to wake up the older boys on Christmas morning because Ruger was awake before them and we wanted them to see Santa's gifts at the same time.  It sure is nice not being woken up super early for Santa.
I think this is Ruger's favorite gift.  MeMaw and Poppy had already decided to get Ruger this before they sent the money and honestly, I'm glad.  He really likes it.
Santa got all the boys one piece pajamas.
Yeah, this was as close as I could get with them all together.
About a week ago, we made gingerbread houses for Family Home Evening.  It has been a daily battle to keep Ruger away from them.
He thinks he is sneaky by hiding under the coffee table, dinner table, and computer stand while trying to eat them.
Christmas dinner was late this year because of church.  Lamar (one of our neighbors) joined us.  We truly enjoyed his presence as he spoke of how the Terrace and the Ogden area used to be.  It was relaxing and just perfect.  

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