Friday, July 14, 2017

Yikes! 2 Teenagers!

I'm not sure how I feel about having 2 teenagers in the house.  Brigham got his first pimple the other day and he informed me that he was ok with skipping the whole teenage thing.  I guess he's going straight to being a man.  He does have that slight mustache thing going on...
 On the way to Get Air, we stopped by Swig to get us all a pop and the birthday boy got a free cookie.
 We have been to a few different trampoline arenas but this one was definitely the best.  We went to the one in the Salt Lake (Murray) area.  Brigham likes Salt Lake and every once in a while asks when we will go to Salt Lake City again.  So when we heard from a friend that the Salt Lake one was larger than the other ones I knew we had to make this happen for Brigham.
 There really was a lot of different things for the boys to do and enjoy.
 They were so sweaty by the time that we had to go!

 Ruger was exhausting to keep up with.  None of my pictures really turned out great but Ruger's pictures were the blurriest.  At the beginning it was comical to watch.  He is so short and little compared to every other child in the arena but it was like he didn't even notice.  His little legs were just going so fast, trying to keep up with all that he was seeing and wanting to experience.  But when more and more people showed up, we had to start obeying the rules and he had to stick to the little people area.  He was NOT happy about this.  

And he soon became a typical 2 year old in throwing a fit!  It was exhausting trying to keep him away from the big stuff.  While chasing him, a Grandma was passing by.  She casually said while passing, "You are doing great, Momma!"  She was out of my sight in a second but I sure appreciated her encouragement! 
More and more things are changing with Brigham.  He's finally starting to fix his hair.  He tries to go everywhere with his jacket on (Yes, even in this 100 degree weather...but in his defense, I am always freezing everyone out in our house) and it drives me crazy that I still have to tell him (No, not remind him.  TELL him because he tries to convince me each time that its not too hot out.) every time to take his jacket off before he heads outside.  He still loves gaming very much.  His favorite superhero is The Flash (I'm not huge into superheros but I have to admit that Superman and The Flash are my favorites).  I love watching him pass the sacrament.   Every once in a while, I catch him looking at someone who has made eye contact with him and he'll smile at them.  I don't know; its just something about the way that he smiles at them.  Like its really genuine.  But that is Brigham for you.  Usually what you see with Brigham is what you get!

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