Thursday, July 6, 2017

July 4th 2017

We invited our neighbors, friends, and ward family to join us for the 4th of July fireworks festivities at our house.
 Sister Warren and Lamar (Brother Doman) sat on the side, away from us crazies.  But I wanted to get a picture of Hyrum and Sister Warren together.  She loves Hyrum very much.  She tells us a lot of cute stories of what she sees Ruger and Daddy doing in the back yard but she gets sentimental when it comes to Hyrum.  How he checks up on her and helps when ever he can.

 Sadly, this was the only picture that I got of Daddy and Ruger.  We have been blessed to not have any of our kids freak out about fireworks like some kids and animals do.  But it doesn't mean that if it is really loud that they don't whine to be in Daddy's arms!

I love that people celebrate the 4th but I have to admit that the nights leading up to the 4th and the nights after bug me.  People light up fireworks at all hours of the night and it scares little kids and animals.  I wish people were more considerate of that.  Then we get to deal with this all over again before, on and after the the 24th (Mormon Pioneer holiday).  Ruger only whines when he can see the fireworks but when he is in his dark bedroom and can only hear loud pops he starts crying like he's being attacked!  Needless to say, for almost a week now, he has been chillin with us in bed until the "pow pows" (as he calls it) stops.
 I didn't get any pictures of our aerials but all in all it was great!

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