Saturday, July 29, 2017

Day 4: Family Pictures and Birthday Party

On Tuesday, it was our first full day with everyone.  In the morning, Dad and David got the cement ready and had all of the grandchildren put their hands in it for a flag pole base that they would be getting ready for the next day.             
We didn't know if Levi's hand was going to fit in it or not but Poppy made it work!
For obvious reasons, I needed to go home and visit my family.  The children needed to spend time with their cousins, Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Great Uncle, Aunts, and Uncles.  And David needed a vacation from work.  As he often does, he can't stay idle long, though.  He fixed and did things here and there but for the most part he did rest and I'm really glad that he let himself do that.
That night, we all met at MeMaw and Poppy's house to have dinner, celebrate the birthdays in July (there were 7 of them!), and take family pictures.  
Rose came to take our pictures.  She was so very patient as some of us were cranky because of the heat.  Under the circumstances, I think she did quite well!

The Thatcher and Beck women.
MeMaw and Poppy Thatcher will ALL of their Great Grandchildren.
 Judy and Charles Thatcher with all of their posterity!
 At this point, Hyrum was really tired of all these pictures.  We had to get a silly picture in there for him to keep going.  And I'm glad because its almost perfect!
I saw this "Dab Cat" shirt at Wal-Mart in Utah before we left for Oklahoma.  I really wanted Hyrum to have it so I asked Nanny to look for it in Oklahoma.  I think MeMe (Amanda) was the one who found it because her boys had the shirt too!
 Rose took pictures of the families, individually, if they wanted it.  I had to include this one because Poppy photobombed it!  To make it even more funny, it was the only picture of the Moore family that had everyone looking forward with eyes open!  Ha!  Another perfect one!!!
Doesn't Hyrum look so handsome in this picture?!

 After the pictures, those who couldn't handle the heat went inside while the kids threw powdered chalk balls at each other.  April did excellent with instructions but as it seems to happen often with children, not all listened and there were tears in the end.  But that is ok.  One day they will learn to listen, right?

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