Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Umm....what day are we on again?

I'm not sure what day I'm on now but it's time I wrap this up because I have a birthday boy to blog about!

Our trip to Oklahoma was wonderful.  The trip out and coming home was long at times with the random shoutings from Ruger, "Geico" "Choo Choo" "Cow" "Horse" and "Walla" but it was worth it.  Watching Levi and Brigham play so easily, like no time had passed, with Elton was great.  Hearing Ronald say that Brigham was his only "competition" when it came to playing the Nintendo Switch was just another reason for me to say that I gave birth to a little Ronald when I had Brigham.  I wish I would have spent more time watching Hyrum and his dynamics with his cousins.  I know he enjoyed it though and often saw him with the O'Dair boys or Allie.  My biggest takeaway from watching my children with my side of the family was with Ruger though.

Prior to us going out to Oklahoma, I found myself exhausted with Ruger at lot.  He is just so active.  And he often gets himself into trouble, whether it be because he isn't doing what he knows he should be doing or because he is physically putting himself into danger.  Daily.  And I don't want to admit this but I was putting him in that "naughty" category.  But watching him spend over a week at Nanny and Poppy's house just play-play-playin' quickly made me realize that he is not naughty.  He's bored!  When he's bored, he gets into trouble.  I've got to keep him busy.  Which is an even more so  exhausting realization but I'd rather know what is going on.  Why he does what he does.

So lets end with a few random pictures, shall we?
See this metal cup on Ruger's head?  Nanny, Poppy, MeMaw, and Poppy had these nice drink containers that would often be on the kitchen table.  I would say that probably nightly we would catch Ruger walking around the table trying to see who's cup he could quickly take a sip from.  So just before we left, Nanny and Poppy gave him his own!  As you can see, it can be used for soooo many other purposes than the mere drinking out of it standard way ;) 
 On the night of the July birthday party celebration, we realized that Amanda's name was not on the ice cream cake that was bought.  The party was really only about the great grandkids but we still felt bad that one of the adult names was left out so on Amanda's actual birthday we got another cake.  We purposely had her name big on top!  But funny thing is, by the time we got it home, it had tipped over a bit and so Grandma's name (Judy) was smeared off!  I guess it really wasn't meant to be about the adults after all!
There was little pools and water play at both MeMaw and Poppy's house as well as Nanny and Poppy's house.

And that's all folks!  Until we meet again!

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