Friday, August 4, 2017

And More Cousin Time

We got home from Oklahoma on Pioneer Day.  It was also the day that Rob, Erin, and their children were coming by to see us (they were visiting from Texas).
They brought us all dinner from Cafe Rio while the younger kids played in the back yard.
Later that night, we lit off fireworks in front of the house.
Usually we invite our friends who don't have family to spend it with or just anyone who wants to go, really.  But this time we only invited our neighbors so that we could spend more time with the Adams themselves.  And it was nice.  Don't get me wrong, I love having our friends over for things like that.  I feel like it brings us closer together but I also really liked being able to focus on our family when they come and visit and not feel like I need to mingle with everyone else.
A few days later, we went to where Rob, Erin, and the kids were staying (Park City area) and played in the pool.

The following morning, we met David's side of the family, for a reunion, at Jordanelle Reservoir.  
Its always amusing to me as we walk up to these reunions.  Amusing to me because you can not deny who is Steve's (David's Dad) brothers and sisters.  I don't know if I've seen more family resemblance than with these siblings!  
David's cousin, Zel, always brings his boat.  This was Ruger's first time on a boat.
And just like in typical Ruger fashion, he was not in the least bit afraid!
He even got out on the tube with brothers and Dad!  When he came back to the boat with me, he stood up (after the next set of people got on the tube) and said, "Me turn!"  That fearless child!  And seriously, he should have been.  When we first went out on the water (before the tubing) Zel really took off!  But do you think Ruger cried?  Not one bit!
This looks like Brigham, Levi, and Zada are about to fall off but they didn't!  Of course, this is the boy's favorite picture.  They think its hilarious.
Second cousins!  I have this adorable picture of one of the very first reunions that I went to with David and his family.  Levi was under a year old and he was in a pack in play with Zada.  He stole her binkie and then fell asleep with it!

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