Sunday, June 4, 2017

Rainbow Trail

We went on a new trail this Saturday called Rainbow Trail.  It was 90 degrees out and I was really hoping it was more shaded but we made it!  
 Here Levi is going on a shortcut.  I don't do steep shortcuts.  I'll go the long way, thank you very much!
 On these hikes, you can often see little off shoots of trails people have made themselves.  David and I are pretty picky about sticking to the old trail just because its new to us.  We don't want to get lost; especially with children.  But sometimes these man made trails lead to something really cool.  So we will stay on the trail while David only goes as far as he can still hear us.   This gem was found!

 We told the boys that we would go as far as the Bonneville Shoreline and turn around but then we saw this waterfall in the distance.
 A few of them didn't really care to keep going but we got to see a better view of the waterfall and it really wasn't that much farther...and they have to stay with us so...
 (Part of the waterfall is by David's shoulder, in the background.)

 We saw this towards the top and David told the boys that he thought it was where some deer had been sleeping the night before.  Yeah....let's go with that.  

We usually take a lunch/dinner with us but I had just watched something on the news, while at the gym, about bears being out.  So I didn't feel it was safe to bring food anymore.  Just our water packs.  So we come across this patch of grass that had clearly been laid in by something and I couldn't help but think of bears!  I was about ready to say, "It's time to turn around!"  But when David said that it made since because it wasn't large enough to be a bear.  I'm so glad I didn't say anything because Hyrum would have freaked out.  (And Grandma, if you are reading this, no worries!  I've thought this through.  These boys are waaaaaay too loud for anything to come near us.  Which is actually something they say is a good thing when out on hikes.  Noise!)
 I wanted to take a selfie of Hyrum and I at these cool trees when he stuck a flower under my nose!

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