Monday, January 9, 2017

Hyrum and Ruger

Some friends from church gave Ruger this car bed a while ago.  A few nights ago is when we finally put him in there to sleep.
 And this is what we found!  A trashed room and him asleep on the floor.
 Since Christmas, not much of our snow has melted.  So each time it snows and Daddy/the boys have to shovel, it just stacks up and up.  This hill here is just a few inches below the height of David's truck.
 Hyrum has gotten the most use out of it.  Well, other than the kids walking home from school.  Its fun having the curtains pulled back while watching the elementary school kids (walking home) climb up and down our little hill.  It's like they just can't resist it.

 The other day I had fixed Ruger a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I put him in the high chair next to me in the kitchen, while I was getting other things ready, so that I could watch him.  Well, because he likes to throw his food and play with it...
Obviously, I wasn't paying close enough attention.

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